The Challenge Of CISO Burnout With Andy Ellis, Gary Bronson, Michael Seaman, Daniel Chechik & Bikash Barai

Welcome to CISO Platform's Panel! CISO Platform is the world's first online community dedicated exclusively to senior security executives, including CISOs, CIOs, and cybersecurity managers. The platform's vision is simple yet powerful: enable senior security executives to share, learn, and network with their peers. And today, we're here to discuss a topic that concerns every member of this community - CISO burnout.

In association with FireCompass - A SaaS Platform for continuous Pen Testing, Red Teaming & Attack Surface Management, we delve into the complex world of CISOs, their daily battles, and the ever-looming threat of burnout. Our esteemed guests, Andy Ellis (CISO ORCA Security), Gary Bronson (CIO, Fortium Partners), Michael Seaman (VP IT, Skopos Financial), Daniel Chechik (CISO, Walkme) and Bikash Barai (Co-founder of FireCompass), share their insights.

The Alarming Reality

As a CISO, the pressure is immense. On average, CISOs work 11 more hours per week than their contracts dictate, with a staggering 10% working an additional 20 to 24 hours weekly. The role's increased strain takes its toll on various aspects of their professional and personal lives.

Impact on Tenure

Longevity in the CISO role often suffers due to excessive stress and workload. The burnout factor becomes a significant reason for CISOs deciding to seek new horizons.

Lower Engagement with Peers

The continuous firefighting mode leaves CISOs with less time and energy to engage effectively with other executives, hindering their ability to influence strategic decisions.

Impaired Leadership Capacity

CISOs, weighed down by burnout, struggle to lead their teams effectively. Essential areas such as hiring, customer communication, and professional development take a hit.


The Causes of CISO Stress

Our experts delve into the heart of the issue. Stress, they posit, occurs when expectations don't align with reality. As CISOs, many expect to be at the forefront of decision-making, but often find themselves reacting rather than proactively shaping the security agenda.

The 'C' in CISO

The prestigious 'C' in CISO, denoting Chief, implies that CISOs should be present in the room when crucial business decisions are made. However, reality often paints a different picture. Decisions are made without their input, leading to the stressful task of challenging decisions already set in stone.


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Mitigating CISO Burnout

Now, let's explore how to manage and alleviate CISO burnout, inspired by the NIST Cybersecurity Framework's approach - Identify, Protect, Detect, Respond, and Recover.

Identify Stressors

One key step is to identify the stressors specific to your role. Accept that the world of cybersecurity is unpredictable, and challenges are part of the job. Start your day with a stoic mindset, ready to face the unexpected.

Protect Your Work

Work on shaping your environment to reduce stress. Educate your organization about the importance of cybersecurity in decision-making. Actively seek a seat at the table during crucial discussions.

Detect Stress Signals

Stress can manifest physically and mentally. Be aware of the signs and address them promptly. Create a support system within your organization to share the load.

Respond and Recover

Lastly, train your mind to handle stress effectively. Techniques like mindfulness, meditation, and time management can help maintain a healthy work-life balance.


In conclusion, CISO burnout is a real challenge, but it's not insurmountable. With the right strategies, support, and mindset, CISOs can thrive in their roles.

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