In the dynamic realm of cybersecurity, collaboration and innovation are paramount for addressing evolving threats and driving progress. Matthew Rosenquist offers invaluable insights into the challenges and opportunities encountered in fostering collaboration within the cybersecurity community. From the formation of diverse groups to the complexities of stakeholder engagement, Rosenquist's experiences shed light on the importance of effective communication and tangible outcomes. Join us as we explore the nuances of collaboration and innovation in cybersecurity through Rosenquist's perspective.



Here is the verbatim discussion:

You there was a great amount of in interest we saw a whole bunch of different uh groups get formed and staffed and Tech U very very smart people get brought in great discussions papers being written but then many of the the autom automotive manufacturers kind of decided to pull back and they said oh that's a great paper oh glad for for articulating the risk but you know what I've got business issues that I really have to get my market share shrinking or I have to reduce costs I really don't have time for this right now you know thanks for your effort um and you saw a lot of people start to leave those forums because they weren't being listened to or the paper that they had worked so diligently on that outline what needed to happen got shelv and nobody nobody exy Etc over to you bash Matthew the floor is yours thank you Shel and uh great to see you Matthew thanks for joining us absolutely it's having conversations is what it's all about right communication and collaboration absolutely and that's that's the vision of our platform um so so collaboration with the aim of building Community Goods so so as a community we focus more on how can you build something which is tangible so let me ask you uh I know you you you are frequent um speaker at RSA or or multiple other various conferences so when I visit some of these conferences one of the key goals which I have is like to check out what's new happening and based on your last few conferences where you physically visited which I believe is quite some time.


Highlights :

Formation of Collaborative Groups: Rosenquist reflects on the initial surge of interest and enthusiasm that accompanied the formation of various cybersecurity groups. Smart minds, vibrant discussions, and promising papers marked the early stages, showcasing the potential for collaborative endeavors to address pressing security concerns.

Challenges in Stakeholder Engagement: Despite the initial momentum, Rosenquist highlights the challenges encountered when engaging stakeholders, particularly within industries like automotive manufacturing. Business priorities often take precedence, leading to disengagement and a lack of follow-through on cybersecurity initiatives.

The Importance of Tangible Outcomes: Rosenquist emphasizes the need for tangible outcomes in collaborative efforts, where discussions and papers translate into actionable measures. The disillusionment experienced when well-articulated risks are disregarded underscores the necessity of driving tangible progress within the cybersecurity community.

The Role of Conferences in Fostering Innovation: As a frequent speaker at conferences like RSA, Rosenquist shares his experiences in exploring emerging trends and innovations. Conferences serve as invaluable platforms for networking, knowledge sharing, and staying abreast of the latest developments in cybersecurity.


Matthew Rosenquist's insights into collaboration and innovation in cybersecurity offer a nuanced perspective on the challenges and opportunities inherent in fostering community-driven progress. From the formation of collaborative groups to the role of conferences in driving innovation, Rosenquist underscores the importance of effective communication, tangible outcomes, and stakeholder engagement. As the cybersecurity landscape continues to evolve, his experiences serve as a guiding light for navigating the complexities of collaborative endeavors and driving meaningful change in the pursuit of digital security.



Bikash Barai is credited for several innovations in the domain of Network Security and Anti-Spam Technologies and has multiple patents in USPTO. Fortune recognized Bikash among India’s Top 40 Business Leaders under the age of 40 (Fortune 40-under-40).Bikash is also an active speaker and has spoken at various forums like TiE, RSA Conference USA, TEDx etc.Earlier he founded iViZ an IDG Ventures-backed company that was later acquired by Cigital and now Synopsys. iViZ was the first company in the world to take Ethical Hacking (or Penetration Testing) to
the cloud.

Matthew Rosenquist is a seasoned cybersecurity strategist and Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) with over three decades of experience. With a remarkable career at Intel Corporation spanning 24 years, he spearheaded key security initiatives, including establishing Intel's first Security Operations Center and leading cyber crisis response teams. As an influential figure in the industry, he currently serves as the CISO for Eclipz and advises numerous organizations worldwide on cybersecurity, emerging threats, privacy, and regulatory compliance. With a unique ability to bridge technical expertise with business acumen, Matthew is renowned for developing effective security strategies and enabling organizations to navigate complex cyber risks while optimizing security, privacy, and governance.

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