The Legal Case for Capital One AWS Security Breach + A Short Synopsys

Capital One data breach affected over 106 million people, 140,000 Social Security numbers, 80,000 bank account numbers,1,000,000 Social Insurance Numbers ... The breach had taken place about 4 months back however it took some time before the breach was realised, in-fact it took an external tip for Capital One to realise something had happened.

The legal case built was quite interesting. Before I share the legal case link heres a short summary just in-case you dont know all the deatils of the breach.

Short Synopsys Of What Happened:

  • Paige Thompson copied and downloaded 700 different S3 buckets 
  • Paige was able to access a server that had a misconfigured firewall
  • She accessed EC2 Instance in the server through an opening in the firewalls
  • Since the Server's IAM Role permitted the access to S3 of 700+ Buckets, she could access them
  • Now she just ran the "List Buckets" command and the "Sync" command from the AWS CLI

>>Here is a link to the legal case that has been built: Legal Case Link

Learnings From The Breach:

This breach might cost Capital One $150 Millions and on top of that the loss of brand/face ... 

  • Audit your security regularly
  • Monitor misconfigured infrastructure like "open S3 buckets"...etc

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