The New Landscape of Airborne Cyberattacks

A virus-like cyberattack spreading over the air may sound far-fetched, but new research proves the airborne attack surface is here. Join the Armis researchers who discovered the viral IoT vulnerability, BlueBorne, as they walk through the airborne threat landscape, its risks and tips for tackling them, and for a live demo of an attack using the BlueBorne vector.

Learning Objectives:
1: Understand the airborne attack vector, its threats and consequences of attacks.
2: Observe a live demo of an airborne attack and review existing exploits.
3: Obtain practical advice for reducing the airborne attack surface.

Speakers: Nadir Izrae, Ben Seri

As Co-Founder and CTO, Nadir Izrael guides the technology vision behind Armis, and the development team. Izrael spent six years in the Israeli Defence Force, specifically in Unit 8200, where he designed and programmed software projects and systems, served as Team Leader and attained the rank of Captain. After military service, Izrael graduated summa cum laude from Technion and worked at Google as Senior Software Engineer.

Ben Seri is the Head of Research at Armis, responsible for vulnerability research and reverse engineering. His main interest is exploring the uncharted territories of a variety of wireless protocols to detect unknown anomalies. Prior to Armis, Seri spent almost a decade in the IDF Intelligence as a Researcher and Security Engineer. In his free time, Seri enjoys composing and playing as many instruments as the wireless protocols he’s researching.

Detailed Presentation:

(Source: RSA Conference USA 2018)

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