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The Notorious 9 in Cloud Security by Moshe Ferber.

Cloud Computing presents major opportunities and benefits for the organization worldwide. It is scalable, flexible and efficient. But along with those major advantages, comes the threats. Most Cloud Computing threats and risks are well documented, but we are missing information regarding how those threats can be put into practice in the real world, what are the attack vector used and what is the risks and results for those events. In the presentation we will elaborate the notorious nine Cloud computing threats as described by the Cloud Security Alliance, and for each threat we will provide recent examples for known incidents, the attack vectors used and the damage resulted from the incident. By understanding the risks and case studies, we can better prepare our organization for cloud adoption. Among the recent events we will explore: Supply chain attacks, Attacks for Bitcoin mining, Attacks on the management GUI, API manipulation and more. We will talk about recent incidents for such as Code-spaces.com hack, Buffer and Mongo DB OAUTH credential theft, attacks on Twitter and Microsoft and many more.

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