Top 4 Resources on IoT Security from 'Task Force Blogathon'

A big thank you to our  CISO Platform IoT Security Task Force. They did a 6 hour blogathon and came up with very interesting articles for our community.

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Security Vulnerabilities In Connected Cars

Connected vehicle technology potentially increases driving safety and efficiency through its ability to communicate with the internet and other automobiles. Learn the benefits, vulnerabilities, attack points and solutions .....Read More

Survey Of IoT Security Standards

IoT security is being approached by many organizations and from different perspectives . In this post we give a birds eye view of the players.This is not intended to be comprehensive.  We will supplement  this in time with deeper dive at different layers of the ISO 7 layer model.......Read More


Advertising Vulnerabilities In Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) IoT Networks

Unlike the IP  security, BLE security framework is not yet mature. The newer version of BLE have enhanced the security of BLE devices but vulnerabilities are still present. Learn about them.......Read More

IoT Security Using Blockchain

Two of the most talked about technologies in today's world are blockchain and IoT. In this article our attempt is to critically view the use of blockchain technology to secure IoT......Read More

Btw, here are the other IOT Task Force blogs End-to-End Encryption in BLE IoT NetworkList of IoT Use CasesSurvey of IoT Security StandardsClassification of IoT Devices

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