RSA conference is one of the leading security conference worldwide.  It creates a tremendous opportunity for vendors, users, and practitioners to innovate, educate and discuss around the current security landscape. Cloud Access Security Brokers (CASB) market has seen tremendous growth over past couple of years.  Significant number of CASB vendors are already acquired by large security organizations and the trend will likely continue in future.


CASB is now a must have security controls for organizations who have adopted multiple cloud services for their business regardless of their industries /verticals. Cloud Access Security Brokers (CASB) are placed between cloud service consumers and cloud service providers to support continuous visibility, compliance, threat protection, and security for cloud services. They act as a security policy enforcement point for Cloud-based Services (primarily SaaS).


Here are top 5 emerging CASB vendors to watch out for :


Skyhigh Networks

Skyhigh networks was one of the first CASB vendors to shed light on Shadow IT problem by discover of cloud apps running on enterprise endpoints. They were also the first to have a product which can assess the security posture of SaaS applications. Skyhigh also offers on-premise virtual appliance option for deployment if you are wary of data privacy and security, so that none of your data leaves your organizations network for analysis.


To Know More: Visit Skyhigh Cloud Security Manager Product Page


Ciphercloud is also one of the early CASB vendors, initially focused on providing data security by encrypting data in some enterprise cloud applications. Ciphercloud now provides, complete data security for both structured and unstructured data, shadow IT discovery, risk assessment for SaaS apps and provides rich set of integration with other on-premise security tools. Ciphercloud can be deployed as an on-premise physical or virtual appliance.

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To Know More: Visit CipherCloud Cloud Security Broker (CSB) Product Page


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The Netskope active platform shows you all the details about all the cloud apps, both sanctioned and un-sanctioned, are being used in your organization. It can do user behavior anlytics to give you visibility into users actions and provides strong DLP capability to protect your data. Netskope solution can also integrate with your on-premise DLP solution.


To Know More: Visit The Netskope Active Platform Page



Bitglass Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB) solution provides enterprises with end-to-end data protection from the cloud to the device.  Enterprises can secure cloud apps like Office 365 and Salesforce, and internal apps like Exchange and Sharepoint. Bitglass also allows to enforce corporate data security policies across multiple cloud services by integrating with enterprise’s DLP and IAM solution.


To Know More: Visit Bitglass Standard Edition Product Page



The Vaultive Cloud Data Protection Platform helps encrypts data before it leaves the trusted on-premises infrastructure, gives the data owner or a trusted third party sole custody of the encryption keys.


To Know More: Visit Vaultive Cloud Data Protection Platform Page

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