Top Talks From SACON (Security Architecture Conference), Pune - 2018 Highlights

SACON is India's 1st & Only Security Architecture Conference. With over 70+ participants, this was the 5th edition of SACON and here are a few highlights we wanted to share with you. It was held on 18-19th May, Hotel Hyatt, Pune, India.

We had with us Top Security Industry Leaders who helped SACON with great content. For more details visit:

What We Covered? (Key Highlights)

  • Applications of AI, Machine Learning, Deep Learning
  • Machine Learning - Classical Definition & Types Of Algorithms
  • Data Modeling
  • How The Algorithm Works
  • Linear Regression
  • Logistic Regression
  • Basic Of Protection - Confidentiality, Integrity, Authenticity, Availability, Reliability
  • Targeted & Non-Targeted Attacks
  • Attack Life Cycle - Kill Chain
  • Cyber Threat Intelligence
  • OSINT Using Google
  • Deep Web Search Engine
  • Operation Security (OPSEC) - Basics & Best Practices
  • Cyber Threat - Data Breaches
  • Communication Channels


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Contributors are Subrat Panda, Arnab Chattopadhayay, Rohit Srivastwa

Photo Albums

Some great photographs have been compiled into an album. Help us Tag you ( Tag yourself  ) and let us know if you want to add some pictures you took at the event. Email -

Here's the Photo Album link - Click Here

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