Our editorial team has handpicked the best of the best talks at DEF CON 26 -is one of the world's largest hacker conventions, held annually in Las Vegas, Nevada. Following is the list of top talks on Blockchain at DEF CON 26.

DEFCON 201826th Def-Con Hacking Conference is among one of the most main event on Computer, Information Technology, Cyber Security, Software, Hacking and Hack topics.

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1. You may have paid more than you imagine—Replay Attacks on Ethereum ...


  • Zhenxuan Bai Freelance Security Researcher
  • Yuwei Zheng Senior Security Researcher, Unicorn Team, 360 Technology
  • Senhua Wang Freelance Security Researcher
  • Kunzhe Chai Leader of Pegasus Team at 360 Radio Security Research Department, 360 Technology

In this talk, a new replay attack based on Ethereum smart contracts is presented. In the token transfer, the risk of replay attack cannot be completely avoided when the sender's signatures are abused, which can bring the loss to users. And the reason is that the applying scope of the signatures is not properly designed in the smart contracts. To test and verify this loophole, we selected two similar smart contracts for our experiment, at the same time, we used our own accounts in these two contracts to carry out the experiment. Because the same signatures of the two contracts were used in the experiment, we got a double income from sender successfully.

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2. Tineola: Taking A Bite Out of Enterprise Blockchainion of Android C...


  • Stark Riedesel, Synopsys, Senior Consultant
  • Parsia Hakimian, Synopsys, Senior Consultant

In this talk we will discuss tools and techniques attackers can use to target Fabric. To this end we are demoing and releasing a new attack suite, Tineola, capable of performing network reconnaissance of a Hyperledger deployment, adding evil network peers to this deployment, using existing trusted peers for lateral network movement with reverse shells, and fuzzing application code deployed on Fabric.

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