5 Real ways to destroy business by breaking SAP Applications

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Do you know where all the critical data of your company is stored? Is it possible for attacker to commit sabotage or espionage against your company by breaking into just one of your business critical systems? And if so - what kind of systems could be under attack? Is it easy to break them? Is it a myth that SAP systems could be accessed only internally? Time has come not only to answer all of these questions. This time the real examples of different attacks on Enterprise Business application systems will be shown, based on eight-year research experience in that field. First of all we will cover all possible business risks related to each end every type of systems such as ERP, SRM, HR, Business Intelligence, PLM’s and Industry solutions so that every high level executive will get the full understanding of what could happen. After that, we will show examples of how easy is it to do such critical actions in different systems by exploiting vulnerabilities and misconfigurations from more business-related - such as Abusing SRM systems - to win the bid, for example. From frauds in HR system and salary-increasing to more technical things, such as drilling into corporate network via SAP Portal or delivering backdoors, which look like official updates via SAP Router. Our presentation will be the first to show real threats for business during those attacks with demo of the most interesting ones, and a guide to avoid them.

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