Security Incident & Event Management (SIEM) Framework For Product Evaluation

Author - Anil Upadhyay, DM - ITGS, ITSD, Gujarat Gas Limited

We have listed the major parameters below. The framework is attached in the end.

Major Parameters To Consider :

  1. Ability to identify non-compliant machines and network activities based on Organisational Policies and Procedures.

  2. Ability to demonstrate compliance and/or due diligence, with respect to ISO 27001 guidelines, Account management, Configuration Management, Authentication, Vulnerability Management

  3. Ability to Identify and respond to Organisational policy violations. Web Policies of explicit material, use of clear text protocols, or Access policies, Organisational Information Security Policy.

  4. Ability to Risk management of threats and exposed vulnerabilities. Identify and respond to attacks against the organization’s information systems from external threats. This includes monitoring for worms, viruses, denial-of-service, and other similar attack vectors.

  5. Ability to identify compute activity trends and raise alarms for potential outbreaks (e.g., from worms)

  6. Ability to identify and notify Intrusions. Isolate actual breaches while recording and suppressing false positives.

  7. Ability to identify Suspicions activity in the network, monitor and record potentially malicious activity and raise alarms on thresholds.

  8. Ability to identify networks being subjected to potential denial of service attacks.

  9. Ability to identify and respond to attacks against the organization’s information systems from internal threats. The focus is to identify activities that could result in theft of intellectual property and/or intelligence.

  10. Ability to record and generate an alarm for data leakage, track and reconstruct insider activities and identify exceptions

  11. Ability to track risk i.e User Activity with early warning indicators.

  12. Ability to track Denials of Service by Insider Activity non-Security Centric Use Cases

  13. Ability to Monitor the health of core network infrastructure

  14. Ability to monitor critical status and raise alarms for network outages (business continuity) and Security Device outages

  15. Ability to monitor device vital signs and raise alarms for potentially critical conditions. CPU, Disk utilization of critical systems.

  16. Ability to Closed Loop Management of Incidents and Response.

  17. Ability to provide Anti-Virus Signature Compliance report.

  18. Ability to alert when Anti-Virus software is disabled and flag system as Out of compliance.

  19. Ability to alert when there is a un-quarantined spread of virus activity across multiple systems in 5 minutes.

  20. Ability to provide reports that monitor for changes in infrastructure.

  21. Ability to provide reports that monitor for changes in accounts.

  22. Ability to alert when new vulnerabilities are found on the Organisational System.

  23. Ability to alert each time a clear text protocol (unencrypted) is used on the DMZ.

  24. Ability to generate a weekly report of all systems that attempted to use a peer to peer application.

  25. Ability to alert when Instant Messaging (AOL, MSN, and Yahoo) any pear to pear software occurs.

  26. Ability to alert when root directly logs onto a system not using trusted golden host,

  27. Ability to alert when there are attacks against multiple Internet gateways from the same source IP.

  28. Ability to alert and manage incident each time a DMZ system is compromised using a buffer overflow exploit.

  29. Ability to alert when reconnaissance activity is detected from DMZ.

  30. Ability to alert when there is a successful authentication after brute force attempt.

  31. Ability to alert on a worm outbreak within 10 minutes of the onset.

  32. Ability to alert and Track on each new virus that is identified in the environment.

  33. Ability to generate a report of all systems infected with a new virus on a weekly basis.

  34. Ability to alert when there is 200% spike in activity against a particular port.

  35. Ability to review baseline known patterns in the environment and alert on newly discovered patterns.

  36. Ability to alert when a known pattern reoccurs

  37. Ability to when a critical alert occurs, Investigators need to analyze history for anomalies.

  38. Ability to alert when scans or other activity from @risk users such as former employees, contractors, disgruntled employees

  39. Ability to review user activity targeting known job websites.

  40. Ability to alert when audit logs have been cleared on a High-Value Target.[Scope :All Servers,IPS, Proxy, Network devices and Desktop/Laptops

  41. Ability to monitor for emails being sent from Internal to known competition.

  42. Ability to display the top 10 systems based on bytes transferred the last 2 hours.

  43. Ability to alert each time a removable media device is used adds account to suspicious list.

  44. Ability to alert when there more than 20 unique account lockouts in a 5 minute window.

  45. Ability to alert when there a drop or stop in data feeds from a monitored security device or Agent.

  46. Ability to alert when processor utilization is greater than 50% for a period of 2 hours and Display System Critical.

  47. Ability to alert when a router Interface indicates down.

  48. Ability to alert and report on critical systems that have reboot.

  49. Ability to provide a centralized repository for all the collected resource logs.

  50. Ability to Mine through the collected system logs and generate pre‐defined and custom reports.

  51. Ability provides report on applications causing performance and security problems.

  52. Ability to determine unauthorized access attempts and other policy violations.

  53. Ability to identify trends in user activity, server activity, peak usage times, etc.

  54. Ability to obtain useful event, trend, compliance and user activity reports.

  55. Ability to monitor critical servers exclusively and set alerts.

  56. Ability to alert on hosts generating large amounts of log events indicating potential virus activity.

  57. Ability to Schedule custom reports to be generated and delivered in mail.

  58. Ability to generate reports for regulatory compliance audits.

  59. Ability to Centralized archival of all collected logs for meeting regulatory compliance requirements.

  60. Ability to analyze incoming and outgoing traffic/bandwidth patterns.

Download the template :

Need to download the template? Click on the image and get your template downloaded.

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