• Sep 10, 2015 from 3:00am to 4:00am
  • Location: Front Door Access to Pwning Millions of Android Devices
  • Latest Activity: Mar 15, 2021

What Will You Learn ?

1. Learn about Android Certificate & Permission Framework Including the roles of Google, OEMs & mobile Carriers
2. Overview of the Mobile Remote Support Tools Architecture (mRST) implementation and flaws & how it correlates to the Android Architecture
3. Explain how these Certifi-gate Vulnerabilities can be exploited, the implications on enterprise security & why this isssue isin't going away
4. Which mitigation steps are possible for this attack?
Avi Bashan has more than 10 years of experience in the mobile, networking & security industries in organizations like Lacoon, Checkpoint etc. Prior to Lacoon, Avi was a leading security consultant at Comsec, working with Fortune 500 firms on their vulnerability managment processes. He spent four & a half years in the Israeli Defense Force. Avi holds a B.Med.Sc from the Hebrew University of Israeli in Medical Studies. He has spoken at many top tier conferences like BlackHat USA.