• May 12, 2017 at 2:30pm to May 13, 2017 at 10:30pm
  • Location: SACON- India's Only Security Architecture Conference
  • Latest Activity: Mar 15, 2021


The sacon conference was held 12&13 at Pune in 2019,The main focus of this event was Security Architecture, SecDevOps, Threat Modelling, SOC, Incident Response, IoT Security and More.

Date & Location: 12-13 May @ Pune


  • Threat Hunting - moving from ad hoc to formal 
    Here we'll discuss the Key Components, Tool Set, Learning "Hunter" Skills and a Case Study
  • Under the Hood of Deception Technologies 
    Overview of Deception Technology, Architecture & Key Components, Deployment Guidelines
  • IoT Hardware Teardown, Security Testing & Control Design 
    Overview of the IoT technology architecture and modelling threats & controls against different components (e.g.: Gateway)
  • Automotive Security Architecture: How cars get hacked and how to secure? 
    Cybersecurity for the connected cars, this session will discuss the threat model for Connected Cars, as well secure design principles
  • Technical Architecture: Building Self Defending Applications using RASP Technology 
    Architecture of RASP Technology, Deployment Models, How to perform Application Integration for Detection & Response
  • SecDevOps Reference Architecture Stack: How to embed and automate security in DevOps 
    Leveraging the opportunity provided by DevOps to embed & automate security in the CI/CD processes
  • Workshop on Designing Security Stack 
    A security technology stack is a combination of technologies that organizations use to manage their IT Security. In this session we will build optimized security stacks based on organization specific requirements (Eg. for Startups, SMBs)


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