To implement DLP do we need to classify the documents as a mandate step ? DLP Vendors say Data classification is not required and it will be taken care by DLP Engine. However, on the other hand Tools like Titus, Klassify say that is important to classify the document. What is the best practice? Do we have industry bench mark?

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S Sridharan - DLP will restrict the classified data based configuration. Unless you classify, DLP is useless.

Prabhakar Akela - Classification is good. Also it works on classification and default data leak elements too. Also key words to filter egress. It will learn and becomes more intelligent over a period of time.

Debojit Moitra - The vendor is confirming provided if you have proper keywords classification as high medium or low...then you can bypass the classification software but still classification sw installation is a better practice

Dilipkumar Mukundan - Without classification DLP project will never succeed.

Kuljit  Hooda - In my experience DLP would not be able to achieve its objective if we don't classify. If the purpose is to log everything then you can go without classification but if purpose is to filter and act then classification is must.

Debojit Moitra - I am using 14000 user end point DLP with keywords but I customised the report with Sql script


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