What is your feedback on the community based "CISO Platform Index" for rating product/technologies?

CISO Platform announced the concept of "CISO Platform Recommendation Index" during the "Top 100 CISO Awards 2013". The rating/index is based on the recommendation by CISOs who used the vendor product on different evaluation metrics.

The concept note is now available publicly for the valuable feedback of yours: http://www.cisoplatform.com/profiles/blogs/cpi-cri-framework-concep...

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Hi Priyanka & Team,

This is a very Good Initiative. Since CPI would be based on the Views of CISO's who have implemented a Particular Vendor's Product, it would be a Good Representative of the Product's Capability. Hence, this would be an Unbiased Index which can be trusted by Everyone in addition to the Popular Indices like Gartner's/ Forrester's etc., which are sometimes Vendor Funded



Simple great initiative.

This will set new benchmark for security services and products to compete on CISO performance scale.

Way to go cisoplatform !!

Great Initiative. I would suggest that vendors who have a high CRI but whose CPI may be low be also disclosed as the market awareness about such vendors may be low but their products are highly recommended by CISOs.

Thank you, Rakshit, Raghu and Nilanjan.

Nilanjan, that's a great feedback. We will work on your feedback ! Thanks.

Hi Priyanka, this is a wonderful concept in line with Gartner-type Index focussed only for InfoSec products. As the indices will be based on CISO's opinion, it will be true representation of the product. Very well conceived idea. All the best.

Thank you so much

HI Team,

I must say It's a very good Initiative. It will defiantly provide a fair medium for any product rating and feedback. It will also help to choose best security products available in market.

Cheers to the Team!

Thank you

Hi Team,

My feedback :

The rating matrix is generalized and doesn't take much time to complete but still able to gather critical data.

Very well thought and laid out.

Well done, Congrats... Regards, Neeraj Naidu

Thanks a lot Neeraj,Ashish, Ravinder !

Good initiative . But we cannot blindly believe on the products as per Gartner indices . I think CISO should give feedback about the specific product which they have used instead of following CPI . This will help to get a honest opinion & issues in a particular product which a customer faces after buying a product.





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