Call for Authors - CISO Handbook


Why do we need a handbook for CISOs?

  • There is no single consolidated source of comprehensive and precise operational knowledge which a CISO needs. 
  • CISOs need to browse through sea of information to find what is relevant for them.
  • CISOs need to have more insights from their peers and learn from each others experience. 

Vision of CISO Handbook

The vision of CISO handbook is to provide consolidatedcomprehensive and precise operational knowledge "By the CISO’s, For the CISO’s".

What “Lonely Planet” did for travelers, we aspire to do the same for the CISOs. We invite the CISO community to participate in realizing this dream.

As a part of the bigger goal of sharing knowledge we appeal to all CISOs to contribute generously towards this cause of benefiting the industry.

How to submit your content?

You can contribute to this book in the following way -:

1.      Click Here to Sign-in/sign-up.

2.      Once you sign in select the domain and submit your content online:

3.      Or mail your content to

We invite our CISO community to join this endeavor to create something which shall not just benefit all of us but will also give us the satisfaction of leaving a lasting mark in the industry


1. How to contribute?

Submit your content by mail to

2. What are the deadlines?

July 22nd 2013 is the deadline for submission of contents for CISO Handbook.

3. What are the domains covered in CISO Handbook?

  • Application/Database Security
  • BYOD Security
  • Cloud Security
  • DLP/Data Security
  • DDOS / DOS Security
  • Encryption for Servers/Storage/Database
  • End Point Security
  • Identity and Access Management
  • IT GRC Management tools
  • Secure email/Web Gateway, Content Filtering/UTM
  • Security Information and Event Management
  • Security Testing /Audit
  • Strong Authentication

4. What are the chapters/ sub-topics in each domain covered in CISO Handbook?

Sub Topic

Help Text

Introduction Brief description of the domain. Why do you need this solution? Which type of organization needs such solution? Which are the key drivers for adoption? Are there any compliance, regulations or standards that makes the solution mandatory?

Technology & Solutions

 What technologies / solutions are available ? , Pros - Cons for each technology /  Solutions , Which technology / solution should you adopt and how should  a CISO choose?

Market Scenario & Future Trend

  Market Landscape / Forecast , Current/Future trends in market.

How to choose a vendor?   How to define your requirement ? , What are the decision parameters / tips for    choosing vendor ? , Questions to ask vendor for evaluating the offering/Vendor    Evaluation Checklist , Top mistakes to avoid while    selecting a vendor ?

Implementation Guidelines

   How to implement ? , Top 5 steps during the implementation of the project ? ,  What measures to be taken before and after implementation ? ,What are the    challenges in integrating with existing information   systems ? , Best practices for  implementation .

Case Study

Descriptive analysis of end to end solution implemented. (Company Background | Business Challenges | Attempt and Failures | How Solution was chosen ? | How was problem solved ? | Results ) .

Top resources

  Books, Top Online Resources, Forums / Communities.

5. Who gets the rights on the content submitted in CISO Platform?

Authors continue to own the content but grant CISO Platform perpetual license to use and distribute your content.

6. When is the CISO Handbook planned for launch?

By the end of this year.

7. Can I submit content for topics or domains not covered by CISO Handbook?

Yes, you are welcome to contribute on topics or domains not covered by the CISO Handbook at present. Submit your content by mail to


8.  Who are the co-authors of CISO Handbook?

As a part of the bigger goal of sharing knowledge we have appealed to all Information Security Professionals to contribute generously towards this cause of benefiting the industry.

9. What type of content are you looking for?

Consolidated, comprehensive and precise operational knowledge.

10. Who will take care of editing and making the content ready for publishing in CISO Handbook?

There is a 12 member editorial team which will be responsible for editing and publishing the contents in the CISO Handbook.

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