Learn CASB, IAST, RASP, Threat Intelligence, Incident Response, Real Time Polymorphism & more

The CISO Platform Decision Summit 2015, 20th August in Bangalore, India, will bring India’s security community together to showcase the latest research, insights & reports. Learn about the most upcoming security technologies in security:


The hottest new Cloud Security Technology Cloud Access Security Brokers (CASB) are on-premise or cloud-hosted software that help as a control point to secure cloud services.Learn in depth about how such technologies work, who are the top players and how to use it to secure your cloud.

Threat Intelligence 

Threat Intelligence (OSINT, Adversary Intel, Strategic Intel, Threat Intel Platform..)Threat Intelligence is lot more than a buzzword. There are 9 major components of Threat Intelligence and different types of technology associated with each of them. Learn in depth how to create a step by step program to adopt Threat Intelligence in your organization.

RASP, IAST, Real Time Polymorphism and more...

Security Technology is changing very fast. Learn about technologies like Run time Application Self Protection (RASP), Interactive Application Security Testing (IAST), Real Time Polymorphic applications that can defeat scanners and more...

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Sneak Peak into the Agenda

CISO Platform Vendor & Technology Taxonomy

  • Learn about the vendor landscape for more than 10 domains like DLP, GRC, Content Security, Cloud Security, UTM, Application Security and lot more

CISO Platform Index & Product Evaluation Checklists

  • Our research team has created 12 specific frameworks ( Application Security testing, DLP, GRC…etc) for evaluation various technologies. Learn about them during the event.
  • Report of the top products that have been rated rated highly by customers in the CISO Platform Index Report.

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DDOS Security Workshop

  • Complete Vendor Taxonomy
  • Customer Satisfaction based Rating of vendors along with Analysts opinion
  • Checklist to evaluate a DDOS Vendor

Threat Intelligence Workshop

  • Key components (People, Process and Technology)
  • Threat Intelligence Maturity model
  • Threat Collection & Analysis eg. OSINT
  • Integrating Actionable Intelligence
  • Technology and Vendor Landscape

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IT GRC Workshop Session

  • Key Components and Architecture for GRC
  • How to Jumpstart your GRC program with freely available tools and content
  • Overview of Free Tools that you can use today
  • Complete Vendor and Technology Taxonomy
  • Customer Satisfaction based Rating of vendors along with Analysts opinion
  • Checklist to evaluate a GRC Vendor
  • CISOs who implemented GRC to share their real life experiences

Cloud Security & Cloud Access Security Brokers Workshop

  • Technology Taxonomy for Cloud Security
  • Key components of cloud security architecture
  • Blue print to build your cloud security program
  • Basics of Cloud Security Access Brokers

Incidence Response and Forensics Workshop

  • Stages of Incident Response
  • Team Structure & Skills (Technical & Personal)
  • Techniques and Tools
  • Policies & procedures
  • Legal Requirements & Considerations

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