2016 Community Achievements & 2017 Goals

2016 has been a great year for the CISO Platform Community and our vision to create tangible community goods. We wanted to thank all those who made valuable contributions to make this happen. 

We have created more than 200+ checklist. Here are some of them listed:

Partial List of Past community projects-

  1. Cyber Crisis Management Plan (CCMP) for Banks in IndiaClick here to download

  2. Top N Threats & Controls Mapping for IT/ITES Industry- Click here to download

  3. Top N Threats and Controls Mapping for Insurance Industry- Click here to download

  4. Top 4 Resources On IoT Security Click Here To Read More
  5. Checklist To Evaluate SIEM Technology - Click Here To Read More

  6. Checklist To evaluate A Cloud Based WAF- Click Here To Read More

  7. Checklist To Evaluate A DLP Technology - Click Here To Read More

  8. (Checklist) Incident Response: How to respond to a security breach during first 24 hours Click Here To Read More

Access 300+ Community Articles/Frameworks we built

To read more of the community articles,checklists etc. click here

2016 Community Achievements

  • 8 Successful Task Force Initiatives which created various best practices documents like Crisis Management Framework, Top N Threats Frameworks etc.

    (For more details on Task Force Initiative and contribution click here )
  • 10+ Playbooks Created which summarised the community learning in form of practical reference document. Thanks to those who hosted or agreed to host such Round Tables in their offices for more intimate knowledge sharing.
  • 150+ Blogs and Articles were published on CISO Platform
  • 25+ Community RFPs Created
  • SACON- India's 1st & Only Security Architecture Conference was started to bridge the skill gap in security architecture. We have a lot of hackers (ethical or otherwise) but very few security architects. We had more than 250 people who participated in Bangalore and Goa

    (For more details on SACON event click here)
  • CISO Platform 100 global initiative is promoting the top 100 influencers of the industry. At Kochi we hosted India's top 100 influencers who are shaping the future of the industry and the country

Focus for 2017

Technical Focus Areas: Incident Response, Security Architecture, Fintech Security (for cashless india), IoT Security. Apart from these we will continue with the earlier initiatives.

Key Community Programs: Task Force, Playbooks and Wargaming. 

"CISO Platform 100" Community Projects- Promote the spirit of giving to community to shape the future of our industry, country and society.... Let's inspire the next generation... Let's create a dent in the world.

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