3 Free "Security Architecture" Related Resources !!

Here's some exciting content on security architecture. It includes tools for Data Protection, Incident Response Tool Qualification & more. There's a great conference for security builders too - SACON (Security Architecture Conference), Pune.


Guide To Building Enterprise Security Architecture Governance Program

Here's an in-depth guide to building an enterprise security architecture governance program. This is a community contribution from 2 members who have researched the topic in detail......Download Guide



10 Things You Should Ask of Your Cyber Incident Response Tool

Here's a guest post with 10 things to qualify your Incident Response Tool. Incident responders must move faster, be more agile, have longer stamina than the attacker......Read More


Confusion and Deception: New Tools for Data Protection

This talk was presented in RSAC USA 2017. Cyberthreats are assymetric risks: corporate defenders must secure and detect everything, but the attacker needs to exploit only once.....View Slide

Learn Secure DevOps, Threat Hunting, Threat Modeling and more @SACON Pune

India has a lot of hackers but very few security architects. The industry as well as the country needs competence in "Security Architecture". That's the reason why we started SACON - India's only Security Architecture Conference. No Sponsored Talks.....Know More
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