5 Best Encryption Softwares for Q1 2017

  • Encryption is a process of protecting your sensitive data by converting it into encoded information which could be read only with a key. Endpoint Encryption ensures data privacy by encrypting data stored on your endpoints—including PCs, Macintoshes, DVDs, and USB drives, which can easily be lost or stolen. This article provides you a list of Best Encryption Softwares for Q1 2017.


  • Here are the Top 5  Encryption Vendors to watch out for:



  • Sophos SafeGuard Enterprise Encryption 7 introduces the most complete data protection solution on the market today, protecting data on multiple devices and operating systems. Whether data resides on a laptop, a mobile device, or being collaborated upon via the cloud or other file sharing method, SafeGuard Encryption is built to match organizational workflow and processes without slowing down productivity.
  • To Know More:  Visit Sophos SafeGuard Enterprise Encryption Product Page


McAfee (Now part of Intel)

  • McAfee Complete Data Protection secures critical data on endpoints with powerful enterprise-grade drive encryption. This endpoint encryption suite also enables management of native encryption on Macs and Windows systems.
  • To Know More:  Visit Mcafee complete data protection – Advanced Product Page

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  • Symantec’s encryption portfolio includes endpoint, file and folder and email encryption. Integration with Symantec Data Loss Prevention automatically encrypts sensitive data being moved onto removable media devices or residing in emails and files. Robust management features include individual and group key management, automated policy controls, and out-of-the-box, compliance-based reporting.
  • To Know More:  Visit Symantec endpoint encryption Product Page





  • Vault KNOX technology uses a (U.S. patented) methodology to perform military-grade encryption of your data together with de-duplication on user devices at the source itself. Vaultize’s unique data containerization process provides unprecedented security down to the file level, liberating users form relying on third-party security protocols.
  • To Know More:  Visit Vaultize Knox Product Page



Disclaimer: Vendors in the list are selected based on real users’ activities in Encryption at Product Comparison Platform.

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