7 Tips A CISO Should Know To Implement Endpoint Protection & IT Asset Management

This project mainly aims to have an enterprise wide ITAM (IT Asset Management) Systems and endpoint protection and also to maintain the hardware and software inventory. It also brought in centralized IT management and control mechanisms for polices enforcement, monitoring and reporting to present a complete picture of endpoint status of the organization.

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Key Learning From the Project:

  • Involvement of OEM’s – Involvement of OEM's is a critical success factor. The optimal and continued performance of the product is heavily dependent on project planning and final design, for which OEM’s can provide the best possible advice and implementation.
  • Migration to new technologies/vendor/product - Formulation of plan and strategy for smooth transition with minimal impact to business performance and transparent to end-users. 
  • Standard Policies and Customized configuration – Need to implement policies with pre-defined base level and continuous fine tuning and review in line with business requirement.
  • Development of Test-bed infrastructure to evaluate the critical patches/release/version/upgrades before rolling out. 
  • 24x7 premium support with OEM - To deal with exigencies in minimal time mainly in case of Anti Virus.
  • Review of Policies - Periodic review of policies effectiveness, daily reporting and monitoring to avail maximum advantage and realize all the capabilities of product in most efficient manner.
  • All nodes to cover - Necessarily implement updates/fixes/upgrade at all nodes to reduce unknown vulnerabilities in the organizational environment.

-With S Ramasamy, Executive Director (Information System), Indian Oil Corporation Ltd. on '7 Tips A CISO Should Know To Implement Endpoint Protection & IT Asset Management'

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