Announcing 'Call For Speakers' @SACON + AICON 2024

Announcing 'Call For Speakers' @SACON + AICON 2024

I am highly excited to tell you the most exciting event and all the buzz of CISOPlatform Summit is back !
Further more I am more excited because now is the time when we will receive your innovation, those billions of papers and the most exciting hacks of this year.

Below I will share a few details that could help you submit your papers-

Step 1 - Choose Your Speaking Slot

We believe in sharing knowledge which is short, great and impactful. We don't believe in restricting oneself from thoughts and sharing them, thus your talk will win the speaking slot most apt to your needs.

  • "Best of the World" Keynote .. This series shall invite the top speakers and security researchers across the world who made significant contribution in the field of security in recent past. 
  • TED Style Talk (15 Minutes) .. This session aims at sharing knowledge in 15 minutes including new Insights and live Demos
  • Real Life Case Study (15 Minutes) .. This series encourages the Top CISOs to speak on how they implemented their most successful projects. Learning from their practical hands on insights is targeted.
  • CISO Tools/ Framework (15 Minutes) .. Here tools/frameworks are presented to help a CISO in better and structured decision making
  • Deep Dive (30 Minute) .. These sessions are workshop styled with hacking demos or short labs
  • Technical Trainings (1Day or 2 Day) .. If you're a security trainer, this would be a place to present your training. Profit sharing is discussed separately. 

>> Apply For Call For Speakers (15-30 Minutes Talks) 

>> Apply For Call For Trainers (1 or 2 Day Technical Workshops) 



Step 2 - Choose The Domain Of Your Talk

You are the best judge of which domain you are most proficient, where you have new learning, which area you are confident about. One great way to decide between multiple options can be to choose a domain you love to listen to talks or even one that can be most helpful for information security officers.

  • Technology
  1. Artificial Intelligence
  2. Secure Coding
  3. API Security
  4. Cloud Security (AWS, Azure..)
  5. Application Security/ Pentesting
  6. Security Operations Centre(SOC)
  7. Privacy
  8. Incident Response
  9. Security Architecture
  10. Threat Hunting
  11. IoT Security
  12. Cyber Forensics
  13. SecDevOps


  • Security Management
  1. Security Tech Landscape
  2. CISO Board PPT/ Metrics/ Tools/ Security Posture
  3. Cost Control
  4. Risk Management
  5. Vendor Management
  6. Governance Risk and Compliance
  7. Managing the CEO/CIO/Board expectations
  8. Reference Architecture, Check lists and Decision Frameworks


  • Personal Development
  1. Leadership
  2. Career Growth
  3. Entrepreneurship
  4. Stress Management
  5. Personal Effectiveness
  6. Work-Life Balance/Happiness



Step 4 - Create An Awesome Topic

For this, previous year topics can always be very helpful in understanding both your best area of communication and the audience expectations. Here are a few-

  • Most Recent Attack Vectors Which a CISO Must Know
  • Analysis of Hackers Landscape in Asia and Middle - East
  • Analytics Driven Security
  • ERP Security: Attack Vectors and Defense
  • Lessons Learnt from the Anti-Terrorist Squad of India
  • Securing Mobile Banking
  • Global Best Practices to Defend Against Targeted Attacks
  • Latest Attacks Vectors and Threats on Aircrafts and Unmanned Arial Vehicles
  • Attacks on Smart TVs and Connected Smart Devices
  • Hunting Botnets: Detecting Indicators of Compromise


Step 5 - Create Your Session Abstract

Your paper is always awesome, no doubt on that. However it's always handy to know what is expected to maximize the success. Our Review Board will consist of highly experienced information security experts from all over the world. They just love geeky security and innovative technology. So, quickly write down your papers and send it to us.

Quick Tips On Content Selection -

  • Short and Precise .. The best communication is the sentence which is unambiguous, short and impactful. We look for similar content which
    appeal to human senses and is easy to understand.
  • Out Of The Box .. Content has no end. Yet the edge above is thought by very few. We like to encourage human nature of innovation, creativity
    and discovery. Such is why we are Humans not Apes!
  • Helpful .. Mostly sharing knowledge has a common goal of helping the infosec peers. We encourage your ideas that help the security community
    in solving a problem.
  • Trending .. Even though trending topics get the maximum competition, they also get a few more slots. These topics equip a CISO with current technologies and vulnerabilities. They are a few favorites to our audience.
  • Experience .. Time has been by far the best teacher. No one denies that. So, your experience can count a lot. Tell us the experience that is
    unique to you and also awesome. Our CISOs would lend an eager ear to that.
  • Technical Details .. It is highly probable your audience has the fundamentals or basics of a subject grasped. We therefore advice you to deliver your speech at an advanced level where it can be most appropriate for information security officers. For example, if you are talking about
    Denial-Of-Service, you may assume your audience understands the difference between DOS and DDOS and also understands most popular software mechanisms available. Our security conference cherishes more detail from its Speakers.


Step 6 - You Did It, Sit back and Relax

Great, You're done! Our review board will review the content and get back to you via mail. 

P.S. - We are unable to alot speaking slot to everyone right now. We hope it's possible in future. For now our review board selects the speakers as mentioned above.  


Step 7 - Declined? Ask Why

Incase we could not accept your paper this year, we are very sorry for that. However, you must know 'Why?' . Please mail us at to know what went wrong. There is no reason why you should be disheartened, it is the constraints of time that bind us. We might take sometime to revert back but we will definitely do. Start afresh, keep amendments in mind and submit your proposal the year after-because most speakers get accepted eventually and we'd hate to miss you.


Step 7 - Accepted? Know Our Speaker Benefits

CISO Platform is proud to have you with us. Your comfort is our sole responsibility , your contributions will be well rewarded. 

  • Complimentary Pass .. Complimentary pass to speakers
  • Address great audience .. Address the largest gathering of senior security executives
  • Grow your network .. Make your networking many folds in a day @Annual Summit
  • Showcase your profile .. Your Profile will be showcased on our website and who doesn't know the worth of 'Ted Talkers' today?

For any queries mail to



Important Dates & Links

Keep forgetting? Great, the good news is it's absolutely normal and the other is there's a Google Calendar/Mobile Reminders. We hate to give dates, it's just the billions of exciting paper need to be reviewed way before the event. Please fill in your nominations prior to last date as post that no submissions will be accepted.

You can submit proposals by filling up the Call for Papers here: 

Call for Papers opens: 09th Feb, 2024

Call for Papers closes: 23rd Feb, 2024

>> Apply For Call For Speakers (15-30 Minutes Talks) 

>> Apply For Call For Trainers (1 or 2 Day Technical Workshops) 


*We strongly suggest that you submit your papers early as the window will close early if sufficient quality papers have been received.

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