Announcing CISO Handbook: A Call to Authors

Why do we need a CISO Handbook?

  • There is no single consolidated source of comprehensive and precise operational knowledge that a CISO would need.
  • CISOs need to browse through a sea of information to find what is relevant to them.
  • CISOs  feel the need to have more insights from their peers, and learn from each others experiences.

Vision of the CISO Handbook

The vision of CISO handbook is to provide consolidated, comprehensive and precise operational knowledge "By the CISO’s, For the CISO’s".

What “Lonely Planet” did for travelers, we aspire to do the same for the CISOs. We invite the CISO community to participate in realizing this dream.

As a part of the bigger goal of sharing knowledge we appeal to all CISOs to contribute generously towards this cause.

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How to Contribute?                

You can contribute to this book in the following way -:

1.      Click Here to Sign-in/sign-up.

2.      Once you sign in, visit the "CISO Handbook" tab on any page.

3.      Choose your domain and submit your content online. Or mail your content to



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