Announcing CISO Platform- 4th Top 100 CISO Awards, 2014

34g7nut.jpgWe are happy to announce the 4th Edition of our Top 100 CISO Awards. The award was conceptualized in 2010 to celebrate the success of the Chief Information Security Officers. TOP 100 CISO Awards is held every year to honor the success of the unsung heroes who continuously strive to make the cyber world a safer place.


Why Top 100 CISO Awards?
Information Security gets noticed only when things get broken. So we thought of celebrating the success of the persons who remains unnoticed when they do their job in the best manner.  The vision of Top 100 CISO Awards is:

  • To celebrate the success of the top security leaders and honor their contribution
  • To provide a platform for the Top CISOs to share their learning with each other and also the larger community

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What’s new in 2014?

In 2014 we are coming up with several new initiatives. 

  • The India event shall happen in Agra, the city of Taj Mahal. We will also encourage spouse of the CISOs to join during the event and share the moment of celebration and joy.
  • We shall have complete global coverage with the Europe, USA and APAC awards in 2014.
  • We will have both online and regular events to celebrate the success of the CISOs.
  • We are introducing special award category this year. Few of the examples are as follows: CISO Hall of Honor (for successive 3 year winners), Best Implementation in GRC, Data Security, Vulnerability Management, APT Security, Web Security , Innovation, Community Contribution etc.


Nomination Process
Nominations for "Top 100 CISO Awards" and "Special Award" are open until February 15th for USA, Europe and APAC and until January 31st  for India. You can register online by clicking on the link: Please click here for online nomination.

We are looking forward to an exciting 2014 to share the great work of the CISOs globally. Let’s walk together as a stronger community towards creating a safer world.        

“A line is a dot that went for a walk” -  by Paul Klee. (Tweet blog)

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About CISO Platform

CISO Platform is a online social network exclusively for Chief Security Officers to Network, Share and Learn. Our vision is to provide highest quality information to CISOs to help them excel in their role. 1400 + Global CISOs are members of CISO Platform. Few of the key initiatives are as follows:

  • CISO Handbook -Precise Operational Handbook for the CISOs, by the CISOs
  • CISO Platform Index- First framework to evaluate products based solely on CISO recommendation
  • CISO Platform Annual Summit- Annual event where 200+ CISOs gather to share knowledge through 18 minute "Turbo Sessions"




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