Just like the Windows platform, graphic drivers of macOS kernel are complicated and provide a large promising attack surface for EoPs and sandbox escapes from low-privileged processes. After auditing part of the binaries, I discovered a number of vulnerabilities last year. Including, NULL pointer dereference, stack-based buffer overflow, arbitrary kernel memory read and write, use-after-free, etc. Some of these vulnerabilities were reported to Apple Inc., such as the CVE-2017-7155, CVE-2017-7163, CVE-2017-13883.

In this presentation, I will share with you the detailed information about these vulnerabilities. Furthermore, from the attacker's perspective, I will also reveal some new exploit techniques and zero-days.


Yu Wang, Senior Staff Engineer at Didi Research America

Yu Wang is a senior staff engineer at Didi Research America. He has previously presented on Syscan360 2012/2013, Hitcon 2013, Black Hat USA 2014, Black Hat ASIA 2016, Black Hat USA Arsenal 2018 and other conferences.

Detailed Presentation:

(Source: DEF CON 26)

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