Best tips to secure your kids from internet

1. Internet access monitoring (use free tools available on android/appstore)

In order for children to start using the Internet they must be under the care of an adult. It is not a matter of violating privacy by spying on what they do, but of evaluating and monitoring their use of the Internet.

2. Avoid strangers /unknown profile

They need to be aware of all the dangers that exist in the network in order to be able to identify them and try to avoid them. 

3. Please make sure they never share personal information.

Children should not share any personal data with strangers.

4. Educate your child to skip downloading unreliable files.

Attachments of emails or programs from an unknown provider should not be executed or downloaded by children.

5. Specially, keep updating yourself in the use of social networks and cyber crime news regularly.

Please make sure to set the privacy of your children’s accounts on social networks (you can use parental control). If your child is under the age of fourteen, you should ask for consent for the creation of any profile on social networks.

6. Explain that if someone troubling you on the Internet ask for help without any delay.

It is essential that our children feel confident with social networking, as if your child feels harassed by someone while surfing the Internet should tell you as urgently as possible.

7. Kindly note, never do it alone.

Help yourself with professionals and tools, you can not always be physically supervising your use of the devices. From SecureKids we can help you to make this work easier with all our features to protect you from the internet. Thanks - secure kids.

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