The last fortnight has been like real busy @CISO Platform Annual Summit, 2013. But taking into consideration the brainstorming sessions,the brimming CISOs, the altogether wonderful experience, it all seems worth it! Nevertheless, there are always great talks on which we like to catch on any time again!

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Can somebody hack your smart TV?

A smart TV is the smartest and dullest thing you've ever spent your bucks on! We love watching a match on it but wait!! What I say next may pose to dampen all the hype of Smart TVs.IPTVs are no more than big Smart Mobiles , that look huge but have smarter threats in our lives. For instance-

  • Could it be watching over your house?
  • Could it prompt news 'your president is dead' ?

Well, that's YES!.....So,Can your TV give any hacker as good remote access as any other hackable device? Or much more? How can you stop access to your private life?

Martin gave an interesting insight into the Hbb (Hybrid Broadcast Broadband) TVsMartin Herfurt is a recognized IT Security researcher who works with a german IT security firm nruns. His research and passionate interests center around Bluetooth and mobile technologies.

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