Chennai Local City Round Table - CISO Meet + Kids

The Chennai security community got together for their November meet. Here's the session learnings and documents. Glad to see the Chennai chapter growing. Downloadable document links are given under header 'Documents from meeting'. Or Click Here To Go to download

Agenda Sessions : 

1.Networking and High Tea
2.GDPR Session by Dhanasekaran
3.Open Source Intelligence Session By Gowdhaman
D4.iscussion on Cyber Security Initiative for Kids and planning for next meeting.

Minutes Of The Meeting

1.Next meeting will be on 19th Dec 2019. Topic: Zero Trust Security Model. Session By: A V S Prabhakar (FSS).Venue will be confirmed by Prabhakar Sir (TNQ)Vijay, Palani, Dhana, Srinivasulu ,
2.AVS Prabhakar other CISO's are interacting with schools and will be finalized by next week.
3.Prabhakar Sir has collected feedback on Kids cyber security Topic and Presentation.
4.Chennai CISO's are ready to create the awareness among students and have set of volunteers.


By Community Members Gowdhaman Jothilin and Dhana Madaswamy

Mention Chapter Lead Sridharan

Download below

Documents From Meeting (Download)

Documents from the meeting are mentioned below. Click on the link to visit the individual document. At the bottom of each link, the document in excel version is available for download

P.S. Please login with your member details to view and download the meeting documents as this is for the community by the community

  • OSINT Tools For CISOs - View here
  • GDPR CISO Kit - View here
    • CISO Priorities for GDPR
    • GDPR Data Protection Survey
    • GDPR Program Management Checklist
    • GDPR Data Protection Impact

You can download all the documents by visiting each link. Each page will have a download link at the bottom

Register For Next Chennai Meet

1.Next meeting will be on 19th Dec 2019. Topic: Zero Trust Security Model. Session By: A V S Prabhakar (FSS). Venue will be Chennai 

You can register here

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