CISO Guide to Next-Gen Criminal Fraud Detection

With the introduction of sophisticated threats, such as advanced phishing, pharming and malware, authentication has become less effective. Authentication methods—including out-of-band and one-time passwords—as well as security questions can be bypassed with minimal effort by fraudsters.
Consequently, more sophisticated authentication techniques have been developed. These techniques have severely impacted the customer experience and have been bypassed by advanced threats. The amount of unnecessary challenges and disruptions for end users is growing without a meaningful reduction in fraud. As fraud rises and the customer experience diminishes, there is a strong need for fraud tools that can stop fraud effectively, while actually enhancing the customer experience.

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Why Read This Report?

  • Learn the approach to Next Gen Criminal Fraud Detection
  • Examples of phishing-based & malware-based account take over
  • Learn how to benefit from Evidence Based Fraud Detection

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