CISO Platform Annual Summit, 2014 Highlights

CISO Platform Annual Summit @ Mumbai, last week saw over 250+ attendees for over 2 days making the the spirit of knowledge sharing and learning a huge success in the Information Security Executives of India. Here are the highlights of the awesome keynotes, electrocuting Turbo sessions and some great knowledge boost training sessions.

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Top Turbo Talks

After several requests for training sessions, this time we did it. For all with an eye for detail, took back a bag full of operational knowledge and in-depth insights.

  • How the Heartbleed bug was found?

    Antti Karjalainen discoverer of Heartbleed 

  • BadUSB — On accessories that turn evil

    Karsten Nohl is a cryptographer and security researcher

  • Bitcoin Transaction Malleability - An Insight

    Daniel Chechik

  • 5 Real ways to destroy business by breaking SAP Applications

    Alexander Polyakov ( The father of ERPScan )

  • A journey to protect POS

    Nir Valtman Discoverer of Point-of-Sale Vulnerabilities

  • Intrinsic Leadership

    Deb Maes Neuro-Linguistic Master Practitioner & Trainer

  • Cyber Safety in Cars and Medical Devices

    Beau Woods - Creator of IOT Security Framework

  • The notorious 9 in Cloud Security

    Moshe Ferber

  • More Shadow Walker- The Progression Of TLB-Splitting On X86

    Jacob Torrey - Discoverer of TLB-Splitting on x86

  • Ants and Elephants in the CISO's Office

    Paul Raines - CISO, United Nations Development Program

  • Embedding risk assessment into your project workstream

    Michael Calderin - Security Officer, Bupa Global Latin America

  • Application Security Best Practices

    Yuval Idan

  • Cyber Threat Alliance – Actionable Threat Intelligence

    Derek Manky

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Top Training Sessions

After several requests for training sessions, this time we did it. For all with an eye for detail, took back a bag full of operational knowledge and in-depth insights.

  • Defending Online Attacks on Cloud Instances

    Nir Valtman ( Discoverer of Point-of-Sale Vulnerabilities ) & Moshe Ferber ( Cloud Security Entreprenuer ) 

  • Building an Incident Management Program

    Paul Raines ( CISO @UNDP,ex-OPCW )

  • Fuzz Testing Techniques for Discovering Zero Days

    Antti Karjalainen ( discoverer of Heartbleed ) 

  • Implementing SAP security

    Alexander Polyakov ( The father of ERPScan )

  • Practical Forensics- Tools and Techniques

    Sachin Deodhar

  • Mobile Security

    Devesh Bhatt(Prominent Security Researcher) & Nutan Kumar

  • Spooky Threats and Selling Infosec

    Jacob Torrey - Discoverer of TLB-Splitting on x86

  • Implementation Guide for Big Data and Machine Learning

    Sayan Pathak (Microsoft)

  • Building a Threat Intelligence Organization: Tools,Techniques,Processes and Team Structure

    Derek Manky

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More Turbo Sessions

  • Machine Learning in Information Security

    Arnab Chattapadhayay

  • Using Security Information & Analytics - As Actionable Intelligence

    Ahmed Qurram Baig

  • Operational Vulnerability Management Essentials using Open Source Tools

    Vikram Mehta

  • OSINT:Tools and Techniques for Open Source Threat Intelligence

    Sachin Deodhar

  • Zero day Vulnerability disclosure in Big Data (Hadoop )

    Jitendra Singh Chauhan 

Top Panel Discussions

Exploring and sharing the viewpoints in predefined security topics by the topmost CISOs allowed the community to grow together and leap forward into the future of security.

  • Managing the “Board” from CISO Perspective

    (Paul Raines, Bikash Barai, Nadir Bhalwani, Amit Pradhan, Venkatesh Subramaniam)

  • Prioritization, Dashboard and Metrics

    (Burgess Cooper, Rajiv Nandwani, Fal Ghancha, Sunil Mehta, Michael Calderin)

  • Managing Third party Vendor Risks

    (Arnab Chattopadhyay, Moshe Ferber, Pravesh Sharma, Ranjeet Mishra, Sirish Dandekar, Durga Dube, Jacob Torrey)

  • Learning from Failures

    (KS Narayanan, Nir Valtman, Beau Woods, Dhananjay Rokde, Mahesh Sonavane, Sudarshan Singh)

  • Future of CISO-Planning the career roadmap

    (Bikash Barai, Yuvnesh Modi, Amal Saha, ID Ganeshan, Arindam Roy, Deb Maes)

Top Round Table Discussions

Round Tables are more informal and aim at dissecting a particular security topic/concern etc.

  • Surviving data stealing security advanced attacks
  • Changing role of CISO-Staying ahead of threats in an era of constant change
  • Application Security as a business enabler
  • Managing DDOS-Practical tools and technologies
  • What's inside your software? Managing third party application security risk

(Read more: Hardware Trojans: Sneak Peek into the Future)

To find exclusive capture of the event - Click here

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