CISO Platform Annual Summit, 2016 Highlights

CISO Platform Annual Summit @ Goa, last week saw over 100+ attendees for over 2 days making the the spirit of knowledge sharing and learning a huge success in the Information Security Executives of India. Here are the highlights of the awesome keynotes, electrocuting Turbo sessions and some great knowledge boost training sessions.

International Experts like CTO of Xerox, Black Hat Review Board Member, Ex-CISO at Israeli Defense & many more had joined us.

It was held on 20th & 21st October, Novotel Resort & Spa, Goa, India.

What We Covered? (Key Highlights)

Annual Summit - Goa 2016 has security experts around the world share their expertise.

Some interesting talks included:

  • Improve the Security Strategy and Tactic with Cyber Threat Intelligence (CTI)
  • What is NIST CSF and why it's Important To You
  • The (non) - Evolution of Security 
  • Sneak Peek into Emerging Healthcare Tech & Future Security Impact
  • Using Behavioral Psychology and Science of Habit to Change User Behavior
  • Kill The Password
  • IoT Security Taskforce

....and many more

Task Force Meetup :

  • Banking Task Force - Click here to Download Document
  • Insurance Task Force - Click here to Download Document
  • IT/ITES Task Force - Document not yet available for download
  • IoT Task Force - Document not yet available for download


Click on each presentation name to open slide in new ta

( Note - Speaker presentations represent the views of the individual speakers and not of CISO Platform or their employers )

Photo Album

Some great photographs have been compiled into an album. Help us Tag you ( Tag yourself  ) and let us know if you want to add some pictures you took at the event. Email -

Here's the Photo Album link - Click Here

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