CISO Platform's Presentation on IoT Security at IoTNext 2016

We are happy to announce that CISO Platform and TiE’s IoT Forum has partnered to create and foster fresh thinking around Security for IOT (Internet of Things). This includes reports, position paper and working papers and presentations and publications. This may include taxonomy of threats, controls and methodology or framework and detailed recommendations and practices for the ecosystem around securing the IoT. This may cover semiconductories, hardware device manufacturers, system integrators, IOT solution providers and end user as well as regulatory agencies.


CISO Platform has presented on IoT Security under Safe Nation track in IoTNext event of TiE, which was held in Bangalore on 9th and 10th of November, 2016. In the presentation, we have discussed on following topics:

  • IoT Security Architecture
  • Threat Model for different components of IoT Architecture
  • IoT talks trends in DEFCON, and Blackhat
  • Key IoT attacks of 2016
  • Deep dive into an IoT attack “Picking BLE Locks from a Quarter Mile Away by Anthony Rose”. 

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