We are very excited about the 13th year of the Summit. Here's a quick glance to help you see what's the excitement about.

Date & Venue : 2-3 June, 2021. Virtual Platform

Register here : https://bit.ly/3b56OaY


Keynotes By International Experts

  • Trends In Modern Security Operations - Dr Anton Chuvakin
  • There Is No Magic In Cyber - Florian Hansemann
  • The As, Bs And Four Cs Of Testing Cloud-Native Applications - Dan Cornell
  • Cybersecurity Challenges Of IoT - Chuck Brooks
  • The Tale Of The APT - Raj Samani
  • The Entire Security Industry - Richard Stiennon


Fireside By International Experts

  • Continuous Security Validation And Practical Strategies - Brad LaPorte
  • 10 Emerging Threats To Enterprise Applications - Mike Spanbauer
  • How to Present Cyber Security Risk To Senior Leadership - Allan Alford


Panel By International Experts

  • Guide To Ransomware Prevention, Response And Recovery - Ziauddin Ansari, Raghvendra verma, Mohammed Siddiq, Mohammed Azmathulla Shaik
  • How Nation State Attacks Are Fundamentally Changing Cybersecurity - Matthew Rosenquist , Herb Kelsey
  • How To Protect Against The Latest Threats - Ravi kumar, J. Gokulavan, Dilip Panjwani
  • Next Generation Red Teaming - Securing The Security Posture Of Your Organization - Vijay kumar Verma, Milind Mungale


Workshops By International Experts

  • Python OSINT Collection from Geographic Hot Spots – Live While They Happen
  • Red and Blue Team Joint Operations Learning the Offensive/Defensive TTPs
  • Practical Mobile App Attacks By Example
  • CEMA and CEWO - Weaponized RF And It's Role In Warfare Operations
  • An Introduction To The OWASP ModSecurity Core Rule Set
  • Threat Hunting 360 – Where To Look
  • A Stroll Through The Kill Chain
  • Privacy Aspects, When Providing Digital Products And Services
  • Framing The Importance Of Cybersecurity To Non-Technical people
  • Every CISOs First 90 Days On The Job
  • Learning Vendor Governance
  • Challenges of Shadow IT In The Post Covid World
  • Security Transition – A New Perspective On Security For The Board By The CISO
  • Defending Docker Implementations
  • Cyber Security In The Power Grid
  • DPO The New Destination For CISOs
  • Internet Security For Kids


Register Now : https://bit.ly/3b56OaY

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