CISO Role is Becoming More Complicated

CISO Role is Becoming More Complicated

CISOs are being asked to do more every year, putting increasing pressure on already stressed cybersecurity professionals!


Summary : 

The CISO role is becoming more complicated.

Let's look at three aspects quickly - first there is the ever increasing capabilities and scale of the Cyber attackers. They're constantly innovating, we have to deal with that.
Second, the complexity of our world increases as we adopt new infrastructures and technologies that ultimately changes the battlefield and opens up new lines of attack. We have to be worried anytime the infrastructure or users are using new technologies that changes the game.
Third, the overall expectations are growing. Many csos are being asked to oversee. Not just the, they're being asked to look at privacy safety Regulatory, Compliance governance and even contractual aspects for vendors insurance and New Deals.

These are all important but they add to the big job that cyber security csos have to do in the first place. It puts more stress and strain. It requires more expertise and it's challenging. We have to be ready


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