CISO Round Table on Effective Implementation of DLP & Data Security

Our special webinar by CISO Platform and WebSense, was a great success with over 120 CISO's registering for the webinar.


Key Areas Covered

  1. Which are the most commonly used data security controls?
  2. What are the best practices for an effective Data Security Strategy?
  3. Which are the Key challenges while implementing Data Security Strategy?
  4. How should one choose a Data Security Vendor?
  5. Understanding of technology architecture and solutions for data security

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  • R. Venkatasubramanian, Director, Global Information Security, Cognizant
  • Kalyanaraman Seshadri, Deputy general manager- global IT, HCL
  • Maheswaran Shanugasunearam ,Manager - sales engineering, Websense
  • Bikash Barai, CEO, iViZ


Recorded Webinar Videos


  1. Information Security and Data Protection Strategy. Click here
  2. Implementation Case Study:Data Leakage Prevention Project. Click here
  3. Undestanding of Technology Architecture and Solutions for Data Security. Click here
  4. Q&A:CISO Round table on Effective Implementation of DLP and Data Security. Click here


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