Top 10 Emerging Security Technologies in 2018

Top 10 Emerging Technologies in 2018:

2018 started with our community meets for Security Priority Planning for 2018.. and through our live survey we gathered some interesting insights. Most votes (in percentage) were for network behaviour analytics, Security Orchestration, Cyber Risk Insurance, Secure DevOps & UEBA(User & Entity Behaviour Analytics). Technologies like MDR, Deception, Container Security, CASB(Cloud Access Security Broker), Isolation & MicroSegmentation also got voted as Emerging Technologies in 2018.

Bikash Barai, co-founder FireCompass said "Build your Security keeping in mind you will get hacked" ... "Typically people are over-invested in "Prevention" ... you need to balance & shift your investment to "detection & response".

Top 5 Emerging Technologies (City wise Comparison):

Do share with your friends. Let us know your comments from the survey analysis.

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