IT industry has been hit by several revolutionary changes. No wonder it is considered as one of the most dynamic sectors, changing almost daily. Cloud computing is being noted as the 4th IT revolution after mainframe, PC and internet. It is also one the probably the most debated technology that brings with it unprecedented security concerns but appreciable convenience and greater ROI.

Our survey will demonstrate industry based cloud implementation status in which 331 companies participated. We defined the maturity level of cloud computing depends on implementation of following categories-

a) SAAS(Software-As-A-Service)

b) PAAS(Platform-As-A-Service)

c) IAAS(Infrastructure-As-A-Service)

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Cloud Compliance Score Allocation:

We also defined the compliance score as the following:

 Score 0: complete absence of any three SAAS,PAAS,IAAS
 Score 1: either SAAS or PAAS or IAAS is already in place
 Score 2: either (SAAS+PAAS) or (SAAS+IAAS) or (PAAS+IAAS) is already in place
 Score 3: all SAAS + PAAS + IAAS is already in place.


Major sector-wise maturity level of Cloud Implementation:-



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Ranks Based on complete implementation(SAAS + PAAS + IAAS):-

  1. Insurance with 20%
  2. IT/ITES with 16.67%
  3. BFSI with 8.33%

(Manufacturing and Telecom is absent in this area)

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Ranks Based on at least one implementation (SAAS or PAAS or IAAS):-

  1. Insurance with 90%
  2. BFSI with 75%
  3. IT/ITES with 72.22%
  4. Manufacturing with 63.16%
  5. Telecom with 50%

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 Telecom has constantly lagged, while Insurance has fairly large implementation status. While IT/ITES status shocks us, Manufacturing, Telecom and IT/ITES must soon catch-up. 

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