Top Steps During Implementation Of A Firewall Project

  • Clearly defined requirements such as type of firewall, architecture, performance requirements, compliance requirement, sizing, reporting, and minimum specifications are important for identifying suitable solution
  •  Once right products are shortlisted, proof of concept or environment simulation will help finalize the product that is best fit to specific needs
  • Final preparation such as firewall architecture design, hardening, its placement, dependencies on other network and security equipment and policy rules are essential before starting with its implementation

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Top Implementation Mistakes Or Learning While Implementing A Firewall Project

  •  Improper capacity planning and incorrect zoning affects overall performance and quality of service
  •  In depth testing prior to purchase of such solutions would eliminate surprises at the of implementation
  •  Proper configuration of policies rules, audit and monitoring parameters helps get best out of such devices
  •  Handing over process and detail knowledge transfer to operations team is important for proficient sustenance

Top Challenges Faced During Implementation

  •  Error in policy rules, policy rule conflicts or order of policies may make some systems or  applications inaccessible
  •  Improper design of zoning and configuration may expose critical vulnerabilities
  •  Incorporating support for various applications needing dynamic ports

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Top Parameters Based On Which Success Of A Project Should Be Measured  (specifically related to the above Domain)

  •  Below are the top parameters based on which the success of a project should be measured
  •  Firewall rule set works as per requirements
  • Seamless & secure access to applications and compatibility across intra zones
  • Performance during pick and normal usage
  • Logging & data management as per organization compliance requirements
  • Vulnerability assessment and penetration testing giving positive results
  • Beside firewall policies, configuration of right security alerts, Incident Handling, Change Management, Firewall logs and auditing processes are also a key parameters for success of such implementations

-Samir Dani , Dy. General Manager-IT at Suzlon Energy Ltd tells us about Top Steps and Learning in Firewall Projects

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