Complete Guide To Log & Event Management (by Anton Chuvakin Gartner)

Everybody has logs and that means that everybody ultimately will have to deal with them—if only because many regulatory mandates prescribe that. In this guide, Dr. Anton Chuvakin will analyze the relationship between SIEM and log management, focusing not only on the technical differences and different uses for these technologies but also on architecting their joint deployments. In addition, he will provide recommendations for companies that have deployed log management or SIEM so they can plot their roadmap for enhancing, optimizing and expanding their deployment. He will also recommend a roadmap for companies that have already deployed both of these technologies.

>> Download the Complete Report

What's in the Report? 

  • SIEM & Log Management defining features 
  • SIEM Vs Log Management
  • Use Cases & Technology Trends 

>> Download the Complete Report


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