In this segment, we delve into the evolving cybersecurity landscape, where nation-state actors and ransomware groups continuously exploit small windows of opportunity to compromise systems. We explore the changing attacker landscape and the significance of continuous security validation in addressing emerging cybersecurity challenges.



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and then scan the entire University Network because internet during those days was not so much there outside and then try to compromise systems so interestingly what has happened is the same thing today is being done by the nation state actors they're just looking for that window of small opportunity and whenever that opportunity is there they would like to grab it right the same is true for ransomware guys so the adversary is doing this continuously in terms of looking for that one single opportunity for a few minutes or few hours as well as the number of changes that's happening is also at that same frequency right the release frequency people do release every day so obviously there is something which is changing in the attacker landscape in the overall industry landscape um so so I would love to ask you this question around that what what are some of these interesting um evolutionary aspect that you have noticed in the industry and with that we'll segue into this topic of why should we move into something like continuous security validation why continuous security validation is important and and of course what is continuous security validation so it'll be great to know a little bit of your perspective on the evolution but give the intro, highlights of keypoints with side headings and conclusion for the above content with the good blog


Evolutionary Aspects in the Industry: We examine the intriguing evolutionary aspects observed in the cybersecurity industry. From the shifting tactic of attackers to the increasing frequency of changes, there are notable transformations reshaping the cybersecurity landscape. This section provides insights into key developments driving these changes.

The Importance of Continuous Security Validation: Transitioning to the topic of continuous security validation, we explore why it has become crucial in today's cybersecurity environment. We discuss the significance of continuously assessing and validating security measures to adapt to evolving threats effectively. This section highlights the importance of proactive measures in mitigating risks and enhancing cybersecurity resilience.

Understanding Continuous Security Validation: We delve deeper into the concept of continuous security validation, providing clarity on its definition and purpose. By continuously monitoring and validating security controls, organizations can identify vulnerabilities and weaknesses promptly, enabling proactive remediation and threat mitigation.


We emphasize the necessity for organizations to adapt to the evolving cybersecurity landscape by embracing continuous security validation. By staying ahead of emerging threats and vulnerabilities, organizations can enhance their security posture and effectively mitigate cybersecurity risks. This segment underscores the importance of proactive approaches in safeguarding digital assets and maintaining resilience in an ever-changing threat environment.



Brad LaPorte a former army officer with extensive experience in cybersecurity, provides invaluable insights into the evolving landscape of digital threats. With a background in military operations, LaPorte witnessed firsthand the early stages of nation-state cyber attacks, laying the groundwork for his deep understanding of cybersecurity challenges. Through his journey, he has observed the transformation of defense tactics from traditional, labor-intensive methods to modern, cloud-based solutions. LaPorte's expertise offers a unique perspective on the intersection of technology, security, and the underground economy of cybercrime. In this discussion, he shares his experiences and analysis, shedding light on the complexities of cybersecurity in the digital age.


Bikash Barai is credited for several innovations in the domain of Network Security and Anti-Spam Technologies and has multiple patents in USPTO. Fortune recognized Bikash among India’s Top 40 Business Leaders under the age of 40 (Fortune 40-under-40).Bikash is also an active speaker and has spoken at various forums like TiE, RSA Conference USA, TEDx etc.

Earlier he founded iViZ an IDG Ventures-backed company that was later acquired by Cigital and now Synopsys. iViZ was the first company in the world to take Ethical Hacking (or Penetration Testing) to the cloud. 

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