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Gain insights into the fundamental challenges hindering organizations from achieving cybersecurity objectives, particularly in terms of visibility and noise reduction. Discover how prioritizing key metrics can enhance threat detection and response

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Explore the unique cybersecurity challenges faced by SMBs in today's interconnected landscape, where the threat of ransomware looms large. Brad emphasizes the importance of adopting a smarter approach to security validation, focusing on optimizing r

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Discover how security training and preparedness initiatives play a pivotal role in equipping individuals to recognize and respond to cyber threats effectively. Brad emphasizes the importance of instilling a cybersecurity mindset across all levels

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Explore the fundamental concept of attack surface management and its role in fortifying organizational cybersecurity. Brad sheds light on the importance of evaluating and controlling the attack surface to mitigate potential threats effectively.


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Join us as cybersecurity expert Brad shares insights drawn from his passion for both cybersecurity and magic. Discover the striking similarities between performing magic tricks and defending against cyber threats.



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Understanding the common success factors and pitfalls in implementing continuous security validation is crucial for organizations aiming to enhance their cybersecurity posture. In this segment, we explore the key insights derived from observing or

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In this discussion, we delve into the strategies and considerations for small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) looking to implement continuous security validation programs. With evolving cyber threats targeting organizations of all sizes, adopti

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In this segment, we explore key areas critical to enhancing cybersecurity, focusing on multi-factor authentication and security training. By addressing vulnerabilities and promoting awareness, organizations can significantly strengthen their securit

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In this segment, we explore essential strategies for strengthening cybersecurity defenses, focusing on the importance of patching, device visibility, and continuous testing. By addressing vulnerabilities and maintaining up-to-date systems, organiz

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In this segment, we explore a strategic approach to enhancing cyber resilience within organizations, emphasizing the "crawl, walk, run" methodology. By starting small and gradually advancing security measures, organizations can effectively improve

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In this segment, we delve into the evolving cybersecurity landscape, where nation-state actors and ransomware groups continuously exploit small windows of opportunity to compromise systems. We explore the changing attacker landscape and the signif

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In this deeper dive into cybersecurity, Brad LaPorte explores the current state of industries in terms of their maturity and the available testing capabilities. He acknowledges the escalating sophistication of hackers and attackers, promptin

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Brad LaPorte provides valuable insights into the current state of cybersecurity practices, emphasizing the need for organizations to embrace continuous security testing and proactive approaches to breach mitigation. He identifies five levels of ma

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In this enlightening conversation with Brad LaPorte, a seasoned cybersecurity analyst, we explore the ever-evolving landscape of cyber threats. LaPorte draws from his extensive experience working with both SMBs and large enterprises to

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The speaker, a former army officer, reflects on their experience encountering nation-state cyber attacks early in their career. They describe the evolution of cybersecurity tactics, from traditional forensic methods to modern cloud-based and autom

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