We heavily rely on references while taking a decision on adoption of a new technology or a product. However, there is no dedicated analysis of product leadership purely based on customer recommendation. From CISO Platform technology Analyst team, we are happy to announce the concept note for CISO Index which shall rate products purely based on CISO/User satisfaction.


Why do we need a CISO/User satisfaction based product/technology rating framework?

  1. CISOs or the users can provide the most meaningful verdict for a product
  2. With the whole world getting social, community recommendation should play bigger role in decision making
  3. Currently there is no globally acknowledged framework solely based on CISO/User Satisfaction


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Proposed "CISO Platform Index"

The CISO Platform Index shall use a transparent methodology to compare the players in software, hardware, or services market so that the CISOs can make well-informed decisions.

  1. CISO Platform Index (CPI) - Index developed based on User Satisfaction Survey by CISOs who used the vendor product on different evaluation metrics.

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CISO Platform Index Methodology

The following steps will be executed for evaluating the vendors:

Step 1- Collection of CPI Data: The Customers/Users of a product shall be requested to rate each product on a scale of 1 to 10 for the following parameters.

  1. Overall Rating
  2. Features
  3. ROI/Price
  4. Ease of Implementation
  5. Support

Step 2- Analysis of the Data:

  • CPI Calculation for each product: The Weighted Mean score for each vendor collected from participants who have a current/prior usage experience of the vendor product will be known as CPI (CISO Platform Index). 

    We shall have the following weight age:
  1. Features (30%),
  2. Price/ROI (10%),
  3. Ease of Implementation (30%)
  4. Support (30%)

*Note: The Mean shall be achieved using various statistical tools eg. clustering techniques to rule out bad data 

Vendors shall be encouraged to come up with more references of their customers as this will help in analyzing them with more confidence. Also, we will be providing additional confidence rating to the vendors based on the number of references they provide. Any product with less than the cut-off number (10 references) for recommendation shall be eliminated from the analysis.

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Mathematical Analysis

  1. We have defined a cut-off score of 7.0 mean on CISO Platform Index
  2. The vendors which are scoring above the cut-off in CPI will be featured in the CPI report

High CPI ( CPI >=8.5)



Medium CPI  (CPI>=7.0 & CPI<8.5)



Low CPI<7.0


Not Disclosed


CPI Report

The first draft shall be presented at the CISO Platform Annual Summit, 2014. It will formally be published in Decision Summit along with 5th Top 100 CISO Awards (4-5 June, 2015), Delhi.


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