Cryptanalysis Against Symmetric Key Schemes With Online Classical Queries And Offline Quantum Computations

Post-Quantum cryptography is discussed in relation to symmetric key and hash-based schemes.

Topic 1: Cryptanalysis against Symmetric-Key Schemes with Online Classical Queries and Offline Quantum Computations Authors: Akinori Hosoyamada; Yu Sasaki

Topic 2: Improving Stateless Hash-Based Signatures Authors: Jean-Philippe Aumasson; Guillaume Endignoux

Speakers: Guillaume Endignoux, Akinori Hosoyamada

Guillaume Endignoux recently joined Google after completing his master’s degree at EPFL, where he worked on a wide range of security and privacy topics. During his master’s thesis, he worked on post-quantum cryptography at Kudelski Security, with a focus on improving hash-based signatures. Endignoux also contributed to open-source projects in various programming languages, including a PDF parser in OCaml and cryptographic code in Rust.

In April 2016, Akinori Hosoyamada joined NTT Secure Platform Laboratories, Japan. Hosoyamada received an M.Sc. (in mathematics) from Kyoto University, Japan, in March 2016, and a B.Sc. (in mathematics) from Kyoto University, Japan, in March 2014.

Detailed Presentation:

(Source: RSA Conference USA 2018)

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