Cryptographic Protocols: Practical revocation and key rotation

Protocols related to key rotation and hidden service discovery are discussed.

Topic 1: Practical Revocation and Key Rotation Authors: Steven Myers; Dr. Adam Shull

Topic 2: Asynchronous Provably Secure Hidden Services Authors: Philippe Camacho; Fernando Krell

Speakers: Fernando Krell, Dr. Adam Shull

Fernando Krell got his Ph.D. from Columbia University on October 2015 under the advise of Prof. Tal Malkin. His area of research is secure multi-party computation and its use in practical applications (private DB search in particular). He is currently a Researcher and Engineer at Dreamlab Technologies working on applying cryptographic formalism to the design and implementation of secure networks.

Adam Shull just finished his Ph.D. in informatics from Indiana University, studying practical cryptographic access control. In the spring he will begin working at Naval Surface Warfare Center Crane.

Detailed Presentation:

(Source: RSA Conference USA 2018)

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