CISO Platform conducted an online training on "Cyber Safety Training For Young Students" with 80+ students and their parents attending the webinar. We aim to provide cyber safety awareness to young students and their parents with the help of such online training sessions moderated by world's best cyber safety experts. Rohit Srivastwa - founder of Clubhack - India's first hacker community, covered various ways of cyber crimes against young kids and provided a well-defined solution to each them.

What Will You Learn ?

  • How to protect against social media crimes, cyber bullying, stalking & defamation?
  • How to protect your system from virus, worm & trojan?
  • Top To-Dos for young student: To protect oneself against mobile phone crimes, cyber crimes & threats
  • Warning signs of cyber bullying in children and what parents can do to help kids in cyber awareness & safety?

Watch The Whole Webinar Below:

We hope parents and  kids would get benefited from the session. We'll look forward to conduct such sessions in future as well and meeting you in the next session. Kindly show your interest for another online training session by clicking here 

Please share it with your colleagues, school, office, friends, HR to help spread the awareness.

About Speaker: 

Rohit Srivastwa - founder of Clubhack - India's first hacker community

[PPT] CYBER Safety Training For Young Students

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