Embark on a journey of insight and innovation as we explore the dynamics of feedback-driven improvement and the importance of creating engaging environments for tabletop exercises. Our narrative begins with an examination of the 'hot wash' process, a vital component of post-exercise feedback where participants reflect on their experiences and offer insights for improvement. Whether conducted through surveys or interactive discussions, the hot wash fosters critical thinking and encourages executives to explore innovative solutions beyond their usual confines. Furthermore, we delve into the significance of removing distractions and fostering focused engagement during tabletop exercises, akin to the immersive experience of having a meaningful conversation over dinner with friends or loved ones. Join us as we navigate the intersection of feedback-driven improvement and immersive environments, empowering organizations to optimize the effectiveness of tabletop exercises in bolstering cybersecurity resilience.




Here is the verbatim discussion:

 I talked about the hot wash in my example a little bit a few minutes ago whether you call it a hot wash whether you call it feedback um you know maybe you do it in a in a survey you know we do this with customer service all the time and other types of things like that is you know what did you think was reasonable what could we have done better next time um what um you know and you get some some pretty sophisticated answers from some executives um you know around you know it gets them thinking it gets them thinking outside the box it changes things up from their normal environment um I've even seen people say and this is another little side tip don't do don't do you know go to um you know go to an offsite go somewhere else.But you know getting people out of their normal environment so they're not like going back and checking their email all the time or you know we had people who disrupted they would pop in and pop out pop in pop out and they were not really engaged they weren't like freed up you know some people would say you know turn your cell phone off um and and and you say when in a real emergency wouldn't we be texting each other whatever but you know if it's a tabletop exercise May the the discussion the comments are very important and you want people to be focused just like if you go to someone a friend or or spouse for dinner you don't want them on the phone the whole time while you're having dinner with them.



Highlights :

Harnessing Feedback for Improvement: Our exploration underscores the value of the 'hot wash' process in gathering immediate, honest feedback from participants. From soliciting suggestions for improvement to encouraging out-of-the-box thinking, the hot wash serves as a catalyst for continuous improvement and innovation.

Creating Engaging Environments: Delve into the importance of creating environments conducive to focused engagement during tabletop exercises. By removing distractions and encouraging participants to disconnect from their usual routines, organizations can foster an immersive experience akin to meaningful conversations over dinner, facilitating deeper insights and collaboration.


 As our exploration draws to a close, we are reminded of the transformative power of feedback-driven improvement and immersive environments in enhancing cybersecurity preparedness. Through the 'hot wash' process and the creation of engaging tabletop exercise environments, organizations can harness the collective wisdom of participants and foster a culture of continuous improvement. Join us in embracing the principles of feedback, engagement, and innovation as we navigate the dynamic landscape of cybersecurity resilience, empowered by the insights gained from meaningful interactions and collaborative endeavors.



Dan Lohrmann is an esteemed cybersecurity expert and Field Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) for Presidio, celebrated for his impactful career across both public and private sectors. With beginnings at the National Security Agency and roles at Lockheed Martin and ManTech, he has been recognized as CSO of the Year among other accolades. Dan is also a prolific author and speaker, sharing insights on cybersecurity and technology modernization through his award-winning blog and publications.



Bikash Barai
is credited for several innovations in the domain of Network Security and Anti-Spam Technologies and has multiple patents in USPTO. Fortune recognized Bikash among India’s Top 40 Business Leaders under the age of 40 (Fortune 40-under-40).Bikash is also an active speaker and has spoken at various forums like TiE, RSA Conference USA, TEDx etc.

Earlier he founded iViZ an IDG Ventures-backed company that was later acquired by Cigital and now Synopsys. iViZ was the first company in the world to take Ethical Hacking (or Penetration Testing) to the cloud.







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