Top steps during the Implementation of a DRM project-Points to consider for the implementation of a project:

  •  Ensure the security and document management with centralized storage. Design using open source architecture, as much as possible
  • Search of correct version/revision, managing project wise folders to be automated & simplified
  • Centralized data to ensure timely backup and secure intellectual property
  • Single point of document and project handling
  • Easy to audit
  • Security and IP protection
  • Delivery of real-time and correct version of document to all concerned cross functional area

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Top Implementation Mistakes, Challenges or Learning while implementing DRM projects

Time & again the challenge is in distributing the correct version of document to other functions like, Finance, Manufacturing, Marketing etc. in a secured mode. Real time availability of the correct document is also a challenge along with securing the intellectual property.

To address the challenges and keeping the Intellectual property in a central location to secure “PARA-VIRTUALIZATION” is conceived with an idea of managing the vast amount of data being processed with the ability to give users the right to manage their documents and create and to track the movement of documents supported by generation of notifications upon such actions being undertaken. This can envisage with the ability to give users the right to manage their documents and create a workflow to track the movement of documents and the respective notifications upon such actions being undertaken. This solution can fully address the security of IP, Increase in productivity, decreased spending, and customer satisfaction.

In any industry, securing Intellectual property and document management is at the top most priority. These documents are very close to business growth. At the same time, making them available real-time with correct set is also important.

By adopting the customized solution, we will be able to achieve this. Though there are many ready-made packages available, considering the cost and complexity, we need to design our own system based on our needs to reach the satisfaction.Walk a thin line between walking ahead and with users to convince them to go the new way. The Importance of Self-belief.

Technology may be still in a nascent stage. I realize that we need some time to understand and get accustomed to the technology before we promise the management an ROI. We also need to run trials. It is important for CISOs to convince themselves before convincing others, especially about an initiative which is bound to bring change. With the promising results of the trial run, management will get convinced that this equation will work. But our battle is only half done.

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Running Alone...The Next Challenge is user resistance. “The real test comes with end-user adaptability. Solutions to technical problems are available. But the trust people put in you and your solution cannot be bought, it needs to be earned!” It was up to IT to make end users understand that new-way would ensure business continuity and faster performance. “It may take a lot to ensure that stakeholders knew that we are actually trying to find a better solution. We need to test the response time of the solution using stop watches to compare. And users will buy it.”

Getting Vendor Support... If handling users is tough, convincing vendors is tougher. Finally we end up having a better
understanding with our partner and support. 

In hindsight, what would you have done differently?

Top Down approach..! Bring the confidence within Top Management Team and get the instructions flow from top. That would have been easier to enforce the users to adopt the new technology to secure the INFORMATION.

-Sharat M.Airani, Chief-IT (Systems & Security) , Ex-Forbes Marshall tells us about DRM(Digital Rights Management) and his Learning during Implementation of DRM project.
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