(Free PPTs) Top Talks @ SACON - 2020 !

Get free access to the presentations by Gregory Pickett Nandan NilekaniAndrea MarcelliJames StangerJim HietalaShivangi NadkarniMonojit ChoudhurySrinivas Poosarla & more. SACON is one of the largest Security Architecture Conferences in APAC region. With over 600+ participants, this was the 7th edition of SACON and here are a few highlights we wanted to share with you. It was held on 21-22nd Feb, Bangalore, India. All sessions were workshop style with 3-4 hours or 6-8 hours of hands on training.


We had with us Top Security Industry Leaders who helped SACON with great content. For more details & to pre-register for next year visit: sacon.io

01. Adventures in SDN Security (Gregory Pickett)

This session is based on a recent talk of mine on SDN and 5G, this will be a deep dive into the Software Defined Network (SDN) side of things. We will hit SDN and hit it hard. After a rundown of recent work in SD-WAN, I will return to where it all started with the Software Defined Data Center (SDDC). Briefly reviewing my previous work with open source controllers and white box switches, we will take a look at my recent work with Cisco’s APIC and Big Switch Network’s Big Switch Fabric. This will be a deeply technical talk where we will cover the risks, the threats, and the attacks useful against SDN. Most importantly, we will talk about how to secure it. Because if your network isn’t safe, neither are you.


02. Windows Malware 101: Reverse Engineering and Signature Generation (Andrea Marcelli)

This session is about workshop which cover some key topics of Windows malware reverse engineering, starting from the basics of the Windows executable file format up to the modern techniques and FOSS services to analyze malware samples at scale. Finally, it will cover the basics of malware signatures, and it will present a tool, YaYaGenPE, to automatically generate them. During the workshop, Python notebooks and other FOSS tools will be used to show an interactive analysis of some recent Windows malware samples.

<Speaker will share modified version of slide post online session with attendees>

03. Zero Trust Architecture: From Hype to Reality (Jim Hietala)

This session is understanding about Zero Trust Architecture and strategies to secure corporate assets. ZTA may allow us to create more enduring security architectures, with less entropy vs. today's security architectures. However, lack of enabling standards is causing confusion about what ZTA is and vendor hype isn't helping either. This session will describe the current state of ZTA, and standards initiatives that may help bring clarity and reduce barriers to adoption.


04. Surfing today’s emerging tech: A policy-based approach (Dr. James Stanger)

This session talk focuses on managing cybersecurity issues that surround today’s implementations of emerging technology, including shadow IT


05. Identity Payments and Data Empowerment  (Nandan Nilekani)
This session is about Identity Payments and Data Empowerment Addressing Different challenges, Solving the Challenges, Payment challenges, Data Sharing and Privacy Challenges.
Putting in perspective: Innovation in digital age.


06. Evolution Of AI : Past, Present, Future (Dr. Monojit Choudhury)
This session is about AI and how AI revolutionized almost every aspect of human lives - from healthcare to agriculture, and from fashion to political campaigns. There is a lot of excitement as well as fear around the future promises of AI. Yet, speculations abound that we are soon going to hit the third AI winter. In this talk, I will try to address some these questions and speculations. I will use examples from the domain of Natural language processing (NLP) - allegedly one of the hardest areas of AI - to illustrate what we have achieved, what are the promises offered by the recent advances in deep learning and why there are certain problems that are too difficult for any of the current approaches to handle. I will also highlight the non-AI aspects of AI system building (aka data creation and engineering) which are the unsung foundations of most practical AI systems.


07. Attack vectors of Kubernetes infra. Are we on right path of securing it? (Anand Tapikar)

This session is about understanding Kubernetes(K8s). Kubernetes is an open-source system for automating deployment, scaling, and management of containerized applications. K8s groups containers that make up an application into logical units for easy management and discovery. It was originally designed by Google and is now maintained by the Cloud Native Computing Foundation. As organizations accelerate their adoption of containers and container orchestrators, they will need to take necessary steps to protect such a critical part of their compute infrastructure.

How this topic is relevant 1 out of 5 organization going for container installation Container security attack vectors are rising Recently major vulnerability discovered in containers and got good media attention Duration (Mentioned on sacon.io, if not as per program committee call).

08. Hacking and Securing Kubernetes and Dockers in Cloud - Hands-on (Apoorv Raj Saxena)
This sessison is based on recent research of mine this will be a Hands-on demonstration of Docker and Kubernetes exploitation and a deep dive on how to achieve remote code execution through low hanging fruits of docker and Kubernetes.

09. On The Wings of Time: Past, Present and Future of Radio Communication (Harshit Agrawal)
This session is about Radio Communication. Recent years have seen a flood of novel wireless exploits, from vulnerable medical devices to hacked OT devices, with exploitation moving beyond 802.11 and into more obscure standard and proprietary protocols. While other non-WiFi RF protocols remain a mystery to many security practitioners, exploiting them is easier than one might think. Today, cyber threats have grown not just in its depth (more sophisticated) but also in its breadth (expanded scope). It has grown from threats in Enterprise IT systems to Operation Technologies (OT) and Industrial Control Systems (ICS).

10.  How does an attacker know everything about your organization? - Know the Unknowns (Nilanjan, Jitendra chauhan & Abhisek Datta)
This session is understanding about know the unknowns. It is possible to create a comprehensive attack surface of any organizations just with open data available on the public internet It is possible to search vulnerable targets and compromise the targets. The organizations can be compromised without any RCE vulnerability. It is possible to create inhouse team to continuously monitor your attack surface and fix flaws before attackers find them.

11.  Quantum safe Networks (M T Karunakaran)
This session is about Quantum Safe Networks. Quantum computers are becoming a reality.
The classical key distrbution algorithms,based oncomputational complexity are under threat.

12.  Practical Exploitation of IoT Networks and Ecosystems workshop (Nitin Lakshmanan & Sanjay V)
The session is about understanding IoT Networks and Ecosystems. Internet of Things (IoT) market today is defined by product manufacturers pushing a broad spectrum of computing devices out to the hands of consumers at an ever-increasing pace, and connecting them to the Internet. They are in a rush to hit the market shelves before their competitors and they often marginalize security. In this workshop, we offer hands-on training for pentesting and hardening IoT ecosystems, with special focus on popular communication protocols such as Zigbee, Bluetooth & BLE, as well as Device - Mobile - Cloud security topics. Students will learn about weaknesses in consumer IoT devices (wearables) paired with mobile ecosystems (Android & iOS) — how information theft is scarily easy, and what steps can be taken to harden these designs.We conclude with defensive security best practices and next generation SDLC for the products of tomorrow.
13.  Metron & Blitz, Building and scaling your own Open Source SIEM & SOAR (Pradyumn Nand & Mrinal Pande)
The session is about SIEM & SOAR. Open Source technologies are being widely adopted to help SOC / DevSecOps teams in day to day operations. We'll be showcasing how we've built our SIEM using Apache Metron with a custom SOAR layer - Blitz over it to alert and respond to threats in real time. We'll deep dive into the architecture of both platforms and demonstrate various use cases covering cloud infra, endpoint devices, outbound traffic and perimeter security threats. We'll also present how to automate remediation to alerts and scale the setup for orchestration and threat hunting.

14.  DevSecOps Tools and Beyond (Satish Sreenivasaiah)
This session will provide details on the usage of OSS tools to secure your dev and ops lifecycle. It covers tools used in application, host and network security assessments for both monolithic and Microservices based architectures. The session also covers usage of OSS tools for runtime application self-protection. Apart from tools in development phase, the session provides insights on building secure design into the product via threat modeling tool.
15.  An introduction to Data Privacy (Shivangi Nadkarni & Sandeep Rao)
This session is about Introduction to Data Privacy. Data Privacy & Personal Data Protection has become a key driver today in dialogues involving data. India is at the cusp of getting its own law in place - one of the last few countries in the world to do so. However, the reality on the ground is that few people really understand what Data Privacy is all about. It is often confused with Data Security. This session seeks to de-mystify Data Privacy, giving an overview of the domain and how it is different from Data Security.

16. Personal Data Discovery & Mapping - Challenges faced, Methodologies & Tools employed​ (Ramkumar Narayanan)
This session is about how to implement any privacy program in any organization - big or small - the foundational step is to understand what Personal Data an organization deals with, where it lies, how it flows (within & outside the organization), who does what with that data, what are the underlying assets involved, etc. Without this foundation, the organization cannot build the necessary controls required to implement and manage Privacy. However, this is not an easy probem to address. This session does a deep dive into the challenges faced, the methodologies used and tools that can be employed to build AND sustain an organization's data map.
17.  India's Personal Data Protection Bill - an overview (Aaron kamath)
This Session is to understand an overview about India's Personal Data Protection Bill. India's Personal Data Protection Bill (PDPB) has been in the news for a while now. One of the most awaited legislations around the world, the bill has intoduced many new ideas which are different from other legislations like the EU GDPR,etc. The bill has also raised many controversies and debates both in India and globally. This session focuses on what the India PDPB is all about.

18. Implementing a Privacy Program in a large Conglomerate: Challenges & Learnings (Gauri Vishwas)
This session is to understand what the various applicable Privacy laws & standards require an organization to do and another thing to actually implement a program to deliver on this requirement within the organization. Data Privacy programs cut across almost all functions & teams in an organization - all of whom need to work in sync to 'make it all happen'. When it is a large conglomerate spanning multiple countries and entities, this challenge is further amplified. This session discusses these real life issues and challenges.

19. Implementing a Privacy Program in an SME Organization: Challenges & Learnings (Apurva Mankad)
This session Most discuss around Privacy & its implementation focus on large organizations. However, small organizations also need to implement Data Privacy. And their challenges are very different. Small Teams, limited budgets & other constraints are a reality. This session has the founder & CEO of one such organization share his experience & learnings.

20. Challenges & Approach (Srinivas Poosarla)
This session is about challenges and approach of 27001 to 27701. ISO 27701 is a new standard for privacy protection, built as an extension to ISO 27001 & 27002. Released as recently as August of 2019, organizations and practitioners are still trying to understand the standard and its intricacies & implications. Infosys is the first Indian company to have been 27701 certified - a result of a long-running Privacy Program with a team having the necessary expertise and experience of many years in the domain. In this session, the Infosys Chief Privacy Officer shares their journey and offers key insights and learnings to organizations on their paths to achieving 27701

21. Privacy in Technology: Kickstart of the Hackathon (Sameer Anja)

This session is to understand privacy in technology. Just like in the case of Security, building Privacy at the design stage itself ensures privacy gets baked into the specific application/ process/ initiative. There is a formal Privacy By Design (PbD) framework available and it has been incorporated into several laws & regulations as well. To actually implement PbD into specific applications needs the translation and application of this framework and its principles into specific, detailed, step by step guidelines/ standards. This Hackathon endeavours to do exactly that

22.  A scalable, control-based, developer-centric Threat Modelling for secure software development (Dr. Soumya Maity & Lokesh Balu)
This session is about Threat Modelling for  secure software development.A comprehensive application threat model demands specialized skills and expertise which might be difficult to avail considering the increasing resource gap in software security market. Making a scalable threat model framework is difficult even for big enterprises. Even the tools that help to manage the threat modeling process have limitations. In this talk, we will present control-based threat modeling to explore the possibilities of moving from a traditional threat-library based threat model to a more developer-centric threat model and how this paradigm change may add value towards developing secure software.

23. The Power of APIs – API Economy Trends & Market Drivers, Security Risks and Mitigation Strategies (Suhas Desai)
The session will focus on delivering the key trends in APIs, API Management Platform technologies and how it is driving the API economy. We will also discuss the key drivers for digital transformation initiatives which include wide acceptance of APIs in Industry 4.0, Connected Devices, Cloud and Payments industry. Next, we will talk about the top 10 security risks in APIs, API Management Platforms, APIs integrations with cloud platforms, IoT/OT devices integrations with third-party applications. Lastly, we will uncover the need for implementing the API security governance framework and how to measure the API security programme’ s success through this governance framework.

24. Living In A World of Zero Trust (Vandana Verma)

This session is about Zero Trust and has of now everything is moving to cloud, all the applications are accessible from anywhere and everywhere. However, No one wants their private information to be compromised and openly available for the world. We have been taking so many precautions, however breaches continue to happen. How should we fix this?

Organisations have been talking about Zero Trust lately and this has become a buzzword. The talk will explore Zero Trust beyond the buzzword and describe what exactly is Zero Trust and why it is so important to keep organisations safe. How can we implement or deploy Zero Trust in an organisation while keeping the current and future state of an organization in mind. What should be the business model to move any organisation towards Zero Trust Architecture and what all policies need to be implemented to achieve the same.

In the end, certain recommendations will be shared with the participants as a takeaway from my own experiences while working towards implementing the Zero Trust.


25. Practical Threat Hunting - Developing and Running a Successful Threat Hunting Program (Wasim Halani & Arpan Raval)

The workshop is intended to demonstrate how to develop and run a threat-hunting program in an organization. It starts with understand the concepts of threat-hunting and how it fits into an organization’s BlueTeam. The workshop will cover hands-on sessions on running a structure and unstructured hunt using different log sources commonly available in an IT environment.

Some other sessions conducted at SACON (no presentation) : 
  • Darkweb workshop (Rohit Srivastwa & Muslim Koser) Old Reference Link
  • Web hacking using Cyber Range (Satish S)
  • Leadership - the power of influence (Haragopal Mangipudi)
  • Cybercrime Response - Legal & Technical perspectives (Venkatesh Murthy K)
  • Ensuring Effective AWS Security on a Budget (Vikas Yadav & Bhowmik Shah)

In case any speaker chooses to send more presentations, we will upload those here

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