How To Evaluate Network Security Vendor

As per our IT Security Audit report of Ernst and Young, We have to protect our network for misuse of the Internet and we required proper analyzer to analyze our network, they also guide us for the Implementation of BYOD policy in the company and Protection of ERP thru Dual authentication. We have to protect our ERP application by using SSL VPN for remote location also. Our top management interested to protect our network in a proper way and reduced some bandwidth cost.

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Checklist for Evaluation:

So after proper evaluation, we decided that we have to go to Cyberoam 300ING.

  • We have compared following device and done the proper comparison. We have compared Fortigate 300C with Fortigate 100 Analyzer, Cyberoam 300ING and Checkpoint 4800 NGTP.
  • As the price of checkpoint and maintenance cost are very high and this is not in our budget, so we have decided that we go for Fortigate or Cyberoam. Our team has done POC in a proper way for all devices and decided the same.
  • Cyberoam has an edge with Fortigate related to UTM. Fortigate 300C doesn’t have analyzer. For Analyzer we have to go for Fortigate 100C analyzer. Due to that our cost is going to increase.
  • After thorough discussion, we have decided to go for Cyberoam 300ING at HO and Cyberoam 15ING at Worli and Malad Site for creation of VPN and applying the company policy.
  • We have implemented required blocking in this, and implemented BYOD policy in our company. Blocking of resigned employee ID is done on the same day, refreshing the WIFI password in a week’s time is done. WIFI Password sharing is very limited etc.
  • We have activated SSL VPN in our Firewall for remote location ERP users.
  • We have activated our ERP as whenever user login in the ERP, ERP checks the users name and password in ERP server as well as in the Active Directory. If anyone is not matched, user not able to login in our ERP. Due to that we have increased extra level of security in our ERP application.

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Some Do's and Don'ts:

Whenever you planned a project, we can evaluate in a proper way. Take your own time for POC and other activity. Also aware the TOP management in a proper way. Employee awareness about IT Security is the key to success for the protection of our network.

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What is your strategy to evaluate a Network Security Vendor? Share your views in the comments below.

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