How to write a great article in less than 30 mins

We all face difficulties in expressing our thoughts. Here are a few pointers which will help a person to write great articles in just 30 mins.

Step 1: Define the headline

When you write the articles ask yourself 3 questions:

  1. Are you saying something new?
  2. Are you saying something old but in a new way?
  3. Are you saying something which will help others to save time, money or effort?

If any of the answer is yes, then you got a nice topic. Next you need to define the headline. Few good characteristics of a good headline are as follows:

(
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Step 2: Write the subheads

After the headline is defined, write clearly the sub-heads of your blog. As an example for "5 easy ways for CISO to build a brand", the subheads are the ones which are marked in bold. In this blog the subheads are: Step 1: Define the headline; Step 2: Write the subheads etc

It is important that subheads are short and precise.


Step 3: Add content. (Short and sweet)

You can now write the introduction and the explanation for each of the subhead. You can also add some concluding remarks if essentials. The most important point is that people are busy, so shorter the better.


Few secrets to write blogs quickly

  1. Re-use what you wrote earlier in various forms like ppt, research papers etc
  2. Choose a topic about which you know well and not the ones that need research
  3. Tell something that you experienced personally
  4. Think for a few days during leisure and write during the weekend (or whenever you get time).


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